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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Could be a bad kid

Oh the woes with hormonal adolescent. Let's just admit when a good slap on the butt was taken away something had to replace it and a result like this would arise. Problem is this replacement is seen every day every where. It isn't the internet's fault either.....or is it? Is mom on the texting system and dad on porn sights a part of the problem? Is the fact that kids spend most of their time bonding with their delinquent friends or strangers while mom and dad, if there is a dad, ignore the duties of parenting?
I've read where parents are fighting in front of kids at the kids birthday parties, at kiddy ballgames and at walmart over cell phones. What do children learn, what molds them? Not these things, right? Now we have 15 year old girls beating up bus drivers, teachers in the class rooms, bullying other classmates, and let's not forget the knock out game. I even watched on a video where parents are not only attacking bus drivers themselves while defending the ground of their golden moronic adolescent child, but actually pitting there child and another together encouraging them to fight out their differences. Sometimes the kid doesn't even want to fight!
This 15 year old female is a poster girl of intelligent retardation. This girl is an untamed pittbull and needs more than an expulsion. This girls fear level of authorities is taken to a level that clearly displays a major potential danger to society in the future. This girl not only refused to respect an authoritive demand as if she is some special princess that deserves to do as she dam well pleases, but attacks the bus driver and tried to pull the taser out of a cops hands. I say tase that rabid dog!
These are a huge % of out of control kids today and from the words of God himself "Children shall rule the world" That always was a little scary for me. There is a natural order of things for a reason. Then again with Atheist promoting there is no God, woman becoming heads of households, gay marriages and all the contributes to have a lawless immoral self absorbed society what did we think these kids would become. All these things are not loving embraces. In fact many adults are placing the kids second to everything else giving them more time to just wonder about pushing all the lack of control in their own home life out against everyone around them.
The parents giving these kids toys, and games in place of attention then defends these dangerous brats out of guilt. If these are the kids of today, and the majority of them. The next generation is going to be a living hell! Well one last word from God before I end this article and that is "There will be an entire generation born with out a conscience" I think it has arrived!here

Todays list of someone's neighbors activities

I've heard of getting cold feet before a wedding but never after. I suppose this woman could just be bi-polar who didn't take her medicine that day or she could be a sociopath or even a black widow! It could be she was forced to marry a man who behind closed doors beat her and, well, how do you explain that you hated, feared and married him and make people believe it was in self defense. I know if I had been standing on a cliff with my manly man on our honeymoon I might have pushed him, unlikely knowing the consequences, but I might have! Still she isn't claiming abuse so we can rule that out.
Seems like our friendly female neighbors are getting to be as dangerous as the male neighbors these days. Are woman just tired of being pushed around? Can a person really argue on their honeymoon on the top of a cliff? If you married a psycho (assuming you know the person you marry) why would you stand on the edge of a cliff with them?
At least we learned one honorable thing about her, she took her vows very seriously! Brownie points in heaven when she never gets there. I would have thought this was an accident except she lied then unlied then showed no emotion a real newlywed who lost her hubby during the most romantic vacation one will ever experience. Naa, something is wrong with this neighbor of someones. Luckily she may only be your neighbor and not your wife........or babysitter. Remember you don't want her babysitting, your child may mysteriously fall out a window. here

Here is another woman you don't want babysitting your kids, though you would never ask her because she has to many of her own. One every year is great if you love children but it seems this mommy tried to sell her infant not once, but twice and then decided she wanted her back again. I guess selling, retrieving and possibly would have resold the baby when in financial need is ok, if your looney toons that is. This woman and many more like her could be your neighbor and could even have joined your child's birthday party and you would never even know she was into selling her kids. Imagine hearing about this when you grow up? What a head trip! here

Game over this time

The knock out game played by those youths whose parents drilled into their heads that 'whitey holds them back' is in full swing and has been for years. It's been ignored pretty much until now. It is being talked about more and more because I suppose since no one has taken action before now, it is escalating. I highly doubt you can blame this on 'whitey' but you can blame this behavior and mental handicap on holding themselves back.
How gutless can a human being be (white, black or any other color) to attack helpless old woman. This being the second case I am writing about. The first a 80 something year old woman and now a 93 year old woman. Here is a woman who has generously lent her car to a charity while happily inconveniencing herself taking a bus to see her granddaughter on her granddaughters birthday. Attacked on a special day! But anyone attacking a 93 year old woman wouldn't care anyway is my guess.
While one certain black youth punched her knocking her to the ground it was several in on the dirty deed, laughing as she is kicked around. Blacks always travel in packs, must be their DNA make up in their subconscious retarded brain to be tribal. No, I am not going to be nice and talk with a greater humanitarian intelligence about these scumbags or those who raised them. I am sure it was the white race that caused them to turn on an old white woman. But, I am concerned over the racism these retards are continuing. If the person is white it's right, right?
The idea that you can just punch anyone for fun is outrageous, and if they are choosing only Whites or Asians then it is about race, not that they don't turn on their own as well. That's been proven with the way they destroy their own peoples property during riots. Remember the king riots, they tore down their own neighborhood to teach whites a lesson. Good going!! I really don't see to many whites doing that, hell I don't even see much in the means of white riots.
Well finally someone stood up and thank God she is still permitted to have a gun! That old woman shot that certain punk and that punks brothers ran in fear. YES TO BARING ARMS! 
I'm sure the black folks that knew these retarded boys will say all great things on the punks behalf and blame the 93 year old whitey for unjustly shooting an innocent black boy. After all, if she wasn't white it wouldn't have happened, she must have said some horrible racial slur to make that young decent boy and his nice friends attacker her! Not only that but since her great grandfather probably beat and hated some innocent ancestor of that poor black boy and his nice friends it was coming eventually. God knows this generation of black children and young people can feel how held back these white people still make them feel. One way or another it is justified.
Obamashithead still hasn't said a word about his people beating helpless non black people with a sucker punch and laughing accomplices. Has anyone once heard him address his own people in a way that would bring color together? No. In fact we all know he doesn't even like his own white blood inherited by his mother. Well since he had so much to say about poor Trayvon Martin, how about confronting these retards. You can't take sides now Obamashithead! You would think he would stand before them and give them a talking to about how he was not held back and became president. Then again how can he? Everything he has accomplished since becoming president has been with secrets, bribery and behind closed doors. Basically sucker punching America and beating her to the ground while laughing with his retarded accomplices.
Yes, Obamaashithead is quite the role model encouraging these retarded young boys by doing to America what they are doing to people on the street just trying to get through another day. If there is to much black profiling, this kind of consistent behavior is the reason why.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thank you for buying us presents

Anyone who invades another home to rob them are real losers but even worse than that is someone robbing a house at christmas and stealing christmas presents while the children these presents are for are present. When I read the article, my first thought was 'They are black' and then I read the article and to no surprise they have 'dark skin.'
The question is not if I am prejudiced or not, the question is 'why did I know that?' I suggest the black community start to look in a mirror. This not to say whites are not capable of this or have never done such a thing. They are and I am sure we can find some cracker that has stolen childrens christmas presents. It just seems blacks are more likely to do it. You can argue with me but it won't change the truth. I mean look at thier role models today Obamashithead and murderer mandela. Think about it! Both are criminals and I know Obamashithead is a theif.
Well, aside from bringing race into it, it is in itself just wrong, immoral and unholy. Which ever the race.
I can understand how this world made it easy for impressionable characters to do such a thing with out moral question. We have Atheist talking about how unimportant Christmas really is. Does this not bring about a moral obligation more around christmas than any other time of year? No, opposite.
Thanks Atheist. Your presents is felt! here

Memorial of the monster murderer Mandela

I don't get what great thing he did. I do know he was in PRISON! How does one get to go from prison to president anyway? Oh right, criminals make the best Presidents, especially if they are SOCIALIST! Kind of like our own personal first black socialist president Obamashithead! Our President Obamashithead did not come straight out of jail and into a high paying, powerful position, he was born into it. I guess it is common though. Hitler was a jailbird too and look at all his accomplishments.
I was reading up on Mendela (the now hell bound placeless soul burning for eternity as he caused so many others to do) and discovered he really enjoyed and endorsed the use of Necklacing. Why on Earth would you miss a man like this? He did not stop any such prejudice activity because he did this to blacks that conversed with whites! He hated whites and was highly prejudiced himself! This is not doing an honorable business and moving forward toward peace and harmony. He is a dick! And we have a DICK for President.
So, while Obama would not speak at the founding of America day or attend the funeral of the Polish president (polish is white after all), he will attend and speak highly of a black ex con murderer who did no great thing in Africa. In fact, ask anyone if they want to willingly live in Africa. If your white the answer will be NO! Some peacekeeper this guy was!
If in fact Obama loves this monster what does that make him and more importanly how dangerouse could Obamashitdickhead really be to white Americans?
You don't know what necklacing is? Let me explain!
Definition of Necklacing:  The practice of execution and torture carried out by forcing a rubber tire, filled with petrol around the victim's chest and arms, and setting it on fire. The victim may take up to 20 min to die, suffering severe burns in the process. 

One way Ticket for YOU!

So they are taking applications to send a civilian (anyone?) to Mars in 2025? Is this right? How much does this cost, just to apply I wonder? Maybe applying is free on account that if chosen to be the first pioneers of mars (so the human race can destroy yet a second planet) you won't be coming back and if anything goes wrong your on your own. Ya, it should be free! In fact the whole one way trip should be free!
Seems the first problem is getting someone there! You would think they would figure out that first. Second and what they appear to put as least important is Air. If I was taking a one way trip the first thing I would say is "can I breath?" I mean even if they decide they can live in a dome the rest of there lives, if there was a breach in the dome, they die!
If there was air on the planet and everything else when wrong, they would have a chance at surviving. They could walk around the planet, find things we on Earth have not. I wonder why they are choosing people to go before they can even get them there or know about the water supply. Gee, they make a huge plan based on a few pictures.
I have an Idea!!! What if we were to take ALL THAT MONEY it is costing for this adventure and FIX EARTH with it. WHERE THERE IS AIR AND PEOPLE ALREADY HERE!!!!
Oh, how ridiculous right? We already destroyed this planet beyond repair and people are like unmanageable cockroaches beyond the worth of saving. No, we want to take same said race and destroy something new. Earths playground is just no fun anymore, we need a new more challenging place to create, conquer and destroy! here

Friday, November 29, 2013

Sheeple Sales

Ok, stupid sheeple people. Oh did I insult you? Not sorry. If you were shopping yesterday or last night after Thanksgiving dinner or if you stood in a line all freaking day on Thanksgiving you are an idiot! First of all 'things' are not as important as being together ALL DAY! No one is going to say that their new phone or xbox is more important this year than the old ones they had last year because you went through the lengths you did to buy it as cheap as possible. And even risked death!
What is with you guys stabbing each other in the parking lot? Where is your head, you could have stabbed someone over a game system or TV! Is this what holidays mean now, a lack of knowing when to act violent?
People are fist fighting over a toy or item of any kind. Is this making your kids proud of you? I guess as the news says it isn't as bad as previous years since no one was trampled. Oh blessed are we!
The best part of your horrifying stupidity and addiction to capitalism is that there really isn't any 'worth dieing for sales'  ya there'll be some 'wow' sale, but I'll bet money not what you were thinking. Not only that but remember these stores are not doing you a favor, they are just clearing items getting ready for the new coming years improved items. Why do you think only certain items are on sale?
Richard Barry Chief merchandising officer for toys R us had this to say  "If you are a procrastinator out there and you're thinking you've got a long time before the holidays, you'd better shape up"
Really Barry? You pompous ass! What if I want to BAKE my gifts this year or MAKE my gifts this year? I better 'shape up?" What am I doing exactly? Shopping or running a holiday marathon? I'm so insulted! Maybe you should seriously start reading that bible. You think christmas is not christmas unless people get big, usually expensive gifts?
Shame on the low life that walks in with a few little packages and not tons of gigantic fork lifting boxes of all sizes.
I guess it just wouldn't be right if the a kid got a board game the entire family could play together or lil johnny got a book to read and not a new texting device or a new game system so mommy could sit around texting on her new device!
But really, isn't this what the Atheist want. A holiday with no God! 
here and here

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Conspiracy of Movies today

You've heard lately that movies have hidden messages like Batman and the name of a town called 'Sandy Hook' appearing before the Sandy Hook incident. If you watch a movie called Pontypool, this to has a scene where the girl says 'Sandy Hook, a hostage situation.' There are numerous movies and cartoon where you can find 911 clearly being hinted.
In a movie called Lovely Molly starring Johnny Lewis (the last movie he was in) made one year before his death you can see every element of his death. Drugs, insanity, violence, murder, attacking neighbors and biting. How could they have known? Is there something 'they' have put into the public making people act hostile and insane? After all, he wasn't the only one to succumb to whatever this is, or is it just a bizarre set of coincidences?
Some say, and I did watch a video about changing a persons behavior, by exposing them to certain frequencies. Noise we can't hear aloud but we hear it all the same. Think about the movie 'signal' where anyone watching tv is receiving some crazed behavior modification that turns them into murders with out reason. If something like this or a warfare chemical tested on us but was to spread rather than be contained we would end up like the 'crazies' or ultimately 'wwz'
The movie Pontypool was all about crazy people suddenly attacking for no reason and in that movie people were irrational, naked and biting. Exactly what has been happening since 2011 starting with Rudy Eugene. Coincidence?
I found while watching the movie 'The Hunger Games' that the theme of the movie was about the elite and wealthy government creating a game as an option to ensure the survival (such as it was) of the bloodlines of those that rebelled against the government during a past war. One girl or boy to play in some violent reality show. Think about this for a minute. Is this what they have planned for those who do this at a later time in the future. A threat or warning. Preparing us to accept being used in such a manner. After all, placing these things in our face through movies helps our minds except in reality what we have been watching in movies over time.
I think it is an interesting theory. Now that I am watching movies realizing this I can say from experience that I almost always find some subliminal message. Try actually listening to a movie sometime. Catch those small writings, times, numbers, themes and what is being said.
I will warn you though, you'll want to watch them but you'll barely enjoy them completely anymore. I know I don't.

Could be a real crappy parent

Imagine being pregnant and only thinking about how tough your kid will be and to prove it you take a hammer him, while still in the belly??? She's allowed to keep the child after birth?
The father of the unborn filmed this and obviously wanted some justice but no one from childrens services or police would do anything. I figure there is no law against hurting your own unborn child, only if someone else takes a hammer to your belly while pregnant.
What does this say about the mother to be? Will she use a hammer to toughen the boy up during discipline time?
It seems the mother now lives with her parents and the child is only 1 years old and already reading, talking, walking. I'd read pretty fast if my mom had a hammer to my head too. I guess this means there is no abuse and all is well since he is doing, supposedly, so well. Mom now claims that the father of the child is not his but her current partner is the biological father, even though the new partner, new dad denies this claim. Really?
So we can change dads at will and hammer the hell out of unborn babies and raise them to be 'perfect super babies' If you ask me, she's crazy and the baby is not looking very happy in the pictures.
These are the moms of today? welcome to the end days! here

We pay for gov't indecision?

Let's see if I understand this correctly. If prices of milk get to low, then the gov't promises to buy milk from farmers? So if the gov't decides 'naaa, we don't want  to anymore' or 'naaa we don't know what we want, yet' they just don't pass another agreement or bill and then the cost would double. The government has control over this every year? Are you kidding me? I did not know, but now I do, if I have this right. Who on earth would by a gallon of milk for $7.00???
Luckily I don't drink milk, or eat cheese and I'm ok without yogurt! Babies can live without milk also!  Looks like woman will be forced to nurse! I can not imagine how high formular could go lacking a cap on it, it is already to much.
I worry about the farmers myself, is it business as usual for them? Does this kind of political move (that's what I call it when a government knows the consequences of their actions and still does it)  break the farmers outright? Then what, Government buys the farms?
Well folks there you have it. Dairy may become to expensive to buy, seafish already is radiated and uneatable, cows have mad cow, swine has swine flew (we'll eat it anyway, right?), everything else is GMO.........just saying. 
We know the government making these rules has their very own food supply untouched by the real world of course, cures for all diseases that really work (why do they never seem to die young?) and enough money to afford $7.00 a gallon anyways!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  here

Why don't YOU leave US alone?

It seems Atheist are really feeling threatened, again. Seems they are going to great lengths to disturbs other who want to share good will and cheers. If you believe in people and not God you end up with an atheist! If you don't believe then why are you so taken back by a believer? Is it the numbers? There is more of us than you? Take a look at people! People are cruel. They steal, rape, beat and abandon children, the kill one another, they lie. That's what you want everyone to believe in?
Why the open debate and finding this cause worth more money than a cause such as feeding the poor. I know I read about a the guy that put up a huge bulletin in NY last christmas spent $25000,00 to have it there one week! Unbelievable. That's a lot of money to try to convince others there is no God. No one shoves it down your throat. Just walk away.
If there is no God then what are you afraid of? Your more divisive than any christian. Your those extremist! You know like the guy yelling from a corner about immorality and God? Well, your the extremist on the other side of the fence. Youre no better. The muslim who kills themselves while dragging other with him or the catholic priest raping little boys. All of you are ridiculous. All are the same.
But the true catholics, methodists, muslims and atheists that want peace, that incorporate their belief system into their own lives are not forcing it on others. But America was made by Christian as the East Muslims. If in fact it's a free country that has carried this traditional holiday for hundreds of years who are you to suddenly say it should just stop. Who are you to tell us to celebrate for just a sake of celebration without a cause behind it. What do you care while you're participating? I bet you do pass gifts, travel to see family, enjoy bonuses at work and some days off as well.  If you take God out of the equation, there is no reason to celebrate! May as well shit can the entire holiday. You Atheist shoulds step out of the holiday if you don't believe then stay home and pout. You have no right receiving the perks that come with this day since you don't believe in it.
The idea of GOD (which is not an idea) is a very personal relationship, and you have no authority over us to give that relationship up. Don't hide behind 'we want more atheist to come out', like you all are gay or something. You just want to divide people. That humanistic behavior is what you want us to believe in?
The world is becoming less Godly by the day, have you looked outside lately? I think most atheists don't believe not because of science or it is too far fetched to accept but because there is so much unfairness in the world, violence, starvation....evil..... that there could not possibly be a God? Well better look in the mirror because people are the cause of those things not God. Now that more people are dismissing God more of these things are happening. Coincidence?
If Hitler truly believed in a God do you think he could have killed all those people? Anyone who does kill in the name of God is using God to mask there murdering inspiration. That is all that is, because a true believer can not do such things, in fact they can't even think of doing such things let alone carry them out.
I'll keep my God thank you, you burn in hell with your people and you don't have to even leave the earth to find that place!
Now ironically, in case people did not know that shortly after Obama was elected in 2008 he welcomed the atheist leaders into the white house for dinner. Did you know that? And now these people have money and means to spread the word of selfishness and acceptance of immorality on a very large scale.
A design perhaps? Is it the socialist government that really encourages this? It came on rather suddenly if you think about it. This really only began stepping up publicly since Obama got in office as did gay marriage rights. What is the agenda? Well, makes it a lot easier to control a society with less people and it is easier to carry out a genocide if God is not in the equation.
You decide....but know this atheist, freedom from religion is not the same as not believing in a God! You place both in the same basket but religion does not make God. It is a means to serve God.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Todays list of someones neighbors activities

Once again these neighbors could live near you!
Just imagine being successful, raising a family, being looked up at in a community between your career as a sheriff, your time in the military living to see 87 whole years on earth only to have you bratty 'adult' grandson kill you.
That's what Jeff David Steen, 40 year old did, he killed his 87 year old grampa and beat nearly to death the very woman who brought him into the world, his 62 year old mom. Why? He robbed them I guess, needed a few buck and then after he called it in to police. Sudden case of guilt? well, it proves he knew what he was doing. This can't be a case of I hate my family because Jeff Steen was forty and should have long moved away if that was the case. This is pure selfish motivation!
Now this I could relate to the behavior of someone on drugs, needing money though the article doesn't say the reason other than robbery, but why else would you become violent on your family like this?
I can say that those naked, growling, biting people, even if on drugs at the time, did not act that way because of drugs. This how ever can be fueled by drugs or needing more. Maybe he just hated them but I doubt he would have called the cops or turned himself in.
What are your neighbors up to? What kind of people are they? Do they carry an unsuspecting demon on their back?
Lack of empathy and conscience, although this guy did call the cops, and ever wondering devil roaming the earth to devour souls at others expense. Perhaps the time to shower yourself with God's light is now, while more and more kids, of all ages, are ready to strike.
Or maybe added to the mix they will find a bottle of zoloft or lithium in his cabinet. The perfect receptor for Satan.

and then...

We have a whole group of people fist fighting at a childs birthday party. Let's give who ever the birthday boy or girl is a day to remember! How do kids learn how to act appropriate or sort differences or when to sort differences if the adults have not learned yet?
According to this report someone's tires were slashed and who ever was thought to have slashed the tires (maybe, maybe not) was confronted right away. That make lots of immature bad guys there because anyone fist fighting with little children in the center of the arena are bad people. Yes, the kids had to be removed from the center of the fight. Any one slashing tires of a guest invited to this kiddies party (ages unavailable) is a bad bad person. What great point was made. Whose authority was it to invite the guest? The parents, and the guest have no right pushing their thoughts around.
What did they prove "ha, ha you'll never attend a party for lil johnny or janie again while I'm here, will ya" Typical uneducated, uncivilized behavior! Even at that very moment of tire slashing you wait and kick the persons ass at another time, not at the party or in front of the once excited kids celebration.
I am also noticing most of these incidences I read, like it or not, are happening in the black communities. Like the knock out games and the mobs. Most of the time when white people act hostile it's about drunk football fans. Not woman at a childs birthday party.
I find it noticeable. So I question why.
Know this, how you adults act is how your kids will learn. It doesn't take an education to know this fact. It doesn't take but a little unselfish consideration to know when and when not to act on something. Everyone of every color has the ability to 'understand' right from wrong. So if your culture is more violent and short tempered than others than that culture needs to look at each other and how you treat one another.
I doubt anyone will though. The fight will continue at home and all the lil johnnies and Janies will have to absorb the adults bickering for weeks. They will grow up to bicker and fight at all the wrong moments and on and on and on we go.....

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Like I say, Dangerous brats

Kids may be born bad but it takes a lot to push a bad kid over into murder, or does it? Maybe we are born to murder and there are just a whole bunch walking the earth right now. Like 14 yr old Phillip Chism who took a boxcutter, walks into a girls room behind a teacher (during school hours?) Punches her, kills her, robbs and rapes her. Then stuffs her in a recycling bin and dumps her. Really?
The article says second story up was the bathroom, so no one saw anything, no noise? School couldn't have been in session, in fact no one could have been on the second floor at all. Was this planned? I'm so confused. Not one person even after school hours did not see this kid pushing or pulling over 100 pounds down the hall, stairs and to a dumpster. Pretty strong and fast kid!
Can every person just stop texting for one min and look around? Listen?
It takes a lot of effort and it takes time.
Who is this kid that thinks this is the thing to do. He had parents apparently, a mom who loved him. I want to know if he is on medications and how long he was on them. For instance was his very first prescription med at age six because he daydreamed, like Albert Einstein? Imagine the drugs society would have that guy on if he was a boy today?
Did he have a lot of family pets that died suddenly or just ran away? Was he allowed to get his way anytime he wanted at home?
Teachers were once looked up to, respected. We had to call them by their last name for a reason. Now if youre a 'good' teacher, young and pretty one must be very careful of the kids that like them and that is just sick. No more being the type of teacher that 'wins the kids over' and aspires to 'change their lives'. Be afraid. Very, very afraid.
Seems if a kid today likes you to much they kill you, if they hate you they kill you.
Well how do we fix this? For one thing, how about we stop texting once in a while and look around. Not just in school, but at home, on the street, at the park. Let's see who we share this world with. It is obvious people are very detached and when an adolescent feels attached they don't know how to deal with it. Good or bad.
Well, it's a possibility. You decide. here
Look how tall he is...14? He's taller than the guard! Kinda like lil innocent Trayvon who was way taller and more intimidating than zimmerman.

flying cars, just like cayce said

In case you did not know it there were two predictions famed psychic Edgar Cayce said back in the 40's or 30's, not sure but it was definitely over seventy years ago! One was that there would be a personal psychic for everyone. Today we have the psychic hotlines. Second was that there would be flying cars and here I am watching a video about the muller flying car that has been passed by the FAA for flight and soon, as soon as 2014, they will be fit for sale to the general population.  I am just amazed that when I read these things in several books about Edgar Cayce (back when America was still free and life was still good and people were still emotionally human) 30 years ago, I never thought I would see them in my lifetime. Seemed so futuristic!
We know the first to get them and use them against us will be the gov't and law officials. If you saw one of these things you'd say "ALIEN!" maybe this is the thing we see hovering in the sky. I found while watching the video and the anchorwoman telling us all about it and how it only weighs 1500 pounds as, picture this, she leans against it saying '...with fuel and two passengers..." then pushes it and it rolls as if light as a feather. She looked so dumb. Even if the seats are empty and it is unfueled there is no way she would be able to roll it away! But I guess she had to make her point to the dumber sheeple out there watching her and when they see this they light up with amazement, ooohhhhs and ahhhhs. Never figuring out how much a thousand pounds weigh. Gave me a bit of a laugh!
They also said that it will run speeds up to 300 miles per hour! Wow I can't wait to see the first newly licenced kid up there racing his 1500 pound car at 300 miles an hour into another flying car. Everyone will certainly know when there is an accident. No need to wait for sirens for this, just look up at the explosion. I think the odds of surviving a car accident just dropped to zero. here

Safe Flying

Not only on AA airlines are the crew members 'unfit' to fly after they are in the air but now it seems Jet blue has issues with the plane itself falling apart. Where does all the money go we pay these airlines? Apparently not hiring stable help or repairing planes.
While in mid air, the evacuation slide opened. It exploded (pretty scary word) into the cabin and even pinned (another scary word) a steward or stewardess. That news came from a witness! The way reporting is suppose to be done. True stories rarely come from companies or those responsible but from shock fueled witnesses! 
Jet Blue says at no point did a door open or anything was hanging off the side of the plane but you know, if a plane begins to fall apart even from the inside, does it make you feel better? No one was hurt save for a shook up bumped up surprised flight attendant so all is well. I'm sure they just switched planes or taped up the problem upon the emergency landing and went about their way again.
Do the TSA still feel you up, laugh at your naked body and swab your DNA before boarding a broken plane with a questionably healthy crew anymore? What does it cost for all this inconvenience? here

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Look pretty, not healthy

I'm not talking about the human body. I am talking about the idea that one homeowner who is growing a garden in her front yard, who has the smarts to see nutrition growing as beautiful. Tomatoes, lettuce, green beans are probably the most beautiful plant one can gaze upon. They offer not just a soothing sight to the eyes but a fulfilling basic!
While it is that this homeowner, not renter, can plant daisies, sunflowers and lily's in the front yard she can not grow food. She is sueing them and I think ALL her neighbors should stand behind her and show up in court on the appointed day. This isn't just about her, it's about EVERYONE who may want to grow non GMO foods for themselves.
I would love to hear how many accompany her on during her fight for her and their rights. They say she can grow her food out in her back yard but as she explained 'there is no sun to grow a garden out back' why grow a garden that won't grow. Why flowers and not vegetables? Who makes up these stupid rules anyway?
I say let this ordinance of anti health end up where the sun don't shine!here

knock out game for kids

I don't think it is really just kids or teens unless people over 21 are considered kids. More like assholes. Just round them up together. These people feeling the need to express how much they love their fellow citizen have created a game doing just that and with it bringing the peace and love they want in their own lives. It is called the knockout game!
When playing, with other fun loving best buds, you simply have to randomly pick out anyone who happens to pass at the time and punch them in the face as hard as you can! The one who knocks them out with one punch wins!! What they win we do not know, but heck, who cares it's fun!
This time one of these asshole punched a 78 year old woman on her way home from shopping who was chosen to play. I wonder though if anyone playing the game ever hits someone their own age or size? I wonder if any of them have a gentle grandmother that survived more years than they are likely to. Witnessed three wars, a depression we have yet to see the likes of and blessed to see her extended great grandchildren born.
All this and the woman can no longer leave her front yard with out fear because of the new and improved generation of our end days.
Of course if the 'government' did not replace God with pharmaceuticals, and abolish the American flag and free speech. If they didn't let every illegal tom, dick and jose in the country just maybe there would standards for young people to follow as they grow up. But instead is that demonic entertainment, no rules, sex sex and more sex, same sex and atheist at the white house, anti veteran bullshit we have the results of an immoral purposely corrupted society.
How much more creative can kids get? here

To many unanswered questions

In an evangelistic University Joshua Hathaway, 19, was at an all girls dorm. The dorm was not on but part of the university. Why, is what they don't tell us. The media knows details such as the dorm is 3 miles from the university but why Joshua was at the dorm is a mystery to me. The first set of reports was that a lengthy 4 hours after the incident the police still did not know if Joshua had a gun. Why not?
First reports were of a disturbance in the lobby of the dorm that a armed security guard for this university was called to. Second reports are he (the officer) was already in the lobby of this dorm when Joshua approached the armed officer saying he had been robbed.
Then the story takes a weird, do I really believe the updated story as it is told, twist. According to the updated version Joshua was hiding a sledgehammer under his clothes. I find that hard to believe, a sledgehammer has a long handle and huge top. This means he was wearing a bulky trenchcoat. He then, after getting the officers attention saying he was robbed attacks the armed officer. Why?
Witnesses said that they heard 6 -7 shots fired then heard the sirens in the first report, but in the second updated report witnesses are not mentioned and it is stated that only 2 shots were fired killing Joshua. What happen to witnesses?
What's the point I'm making? So the truth comes out discrediting witnesses, not by other witnesses, but by simply forgetting there were witnesses. Something is happening in the world (maybe even on planes, remember the unfit crew member is my previous article? They conveniently left out why the crew member was unfit) that started, as far as we know, with a man named Rudy Eugene and continue through 2011 straight up to early 2013with a total of 24 confirmed (in my eyes and they are open) cases all similar in nature. What if there is a black out and the media is not either being given truths about publicised incidences or are unable to.
I just have to many questions in this story unanswered. I guess everyone under stress (media says Joshua was stressed over money & academics) grabs any weapon to attack anyone at anytime. I don't believe this. Some people are crazy, true, but this is becoming a common behavior that is quickly accepted my the masses. All I ever hear is 'drugs' or if no drugs are involved then it is 'stress' which I find hard to believe.
How nice when I go to correct something I am only able to delete it. I have not had one problem writing these articles until this one. Just wanted to 1

Justice is served

It appears the execution stay for Joseph Franklin only lasted a few hours. It seems they reviewed what ever they had to for a brief moment on his challenge that the drug used in the lethal injection would cause a cruel and unusual punishment and decided it would be in Gods hands after all.
It took Joseph, once the injection was administered, a whole 10 minutes to die. If you think about it, that was a long time. But is it cruel and unusual? One must wonder how long some of those 22 victims he killed suffered their untimely death. Apparently he refused his last meal and remained quiet giving us the impression his own death concerned him, even if others did not. here

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bow Wow killocare

This tops everything I have heard about glitches in the killocare system. This guy signs up for insurance with killocare and instead of him receiving insurance, they insure his DOG!!! I get a really secure feeling when I think of signing up for killocare. Apparently this system doesn't know the difference between a persons name (when asked to fill that space in) or the secret word (when asked to fill that in).
Come on, a billion dollars later and a dog gets insurance? Have any of you sheeple got any idea how much a BILLION is? Well I suppose since we are already in debt TRILLIONS, what's another BILLION. Right?here

Kill'm...naa don't...yes, Kill'm

The Judge granted Joseph Franklin a stay of his execution! Really, Why? ohhh, because Joseph is challenging that 'the drug Pentobarbital they use during his lethal injection would violate his constitutional right against cruel and unusual punishment' Not that the cruel and unusual punishment on his 22 victims matters. Why don't we just send the prick to Guantanamo bay.
Talk is, that the government doesn't belong in the business of killing! hmmm Since when? oh what ever, truly an eye for an eye doesn't count and as long as God saves Joseph, Joseph will remain a believer of God. Joseph said he would except what God dishes out. My kids say that to me when they're trying to worm there way out of something too! Stay on my good side saying "Yes, I deserve what ever punishment you give me mom" hoping I'll ease up. Ya, right Joseph. I think Joseph's view about God is all wrong and the pastors counseling him ought to just stop with the 'ask for forgiveness, you'll get forgiveness' crap. God doesn't buy the lie looser, If I can see your bullshit words are hollow, you can sure as hell know God does!
I don't get it. Let's just keep supporting this creep, and torturing his victims family members! I personally would be pissed. Tell him to pick another way, like HANGING or SHOOT HIM or, I never liked the idea of electrocution myself, it's a freaking mess to clean up I'm sure. But there are the other two ways to get a speedy, less painful, undeserved (apparently) end to this dirt bag who must be adjusting well in prison after all these years to want to stay there. Probably doesn't want to leave his husband even if the preteen he killed never gets a chance at love.
I'm just saying, there are other ways to kill a killer, just pick one and stop wasting societies time on trying to figure out just how much this man's useless existence in prison matters. IT DOESN'T!!!!!here

Who's driving this plane anyway

What a crazy, it will be alright, youre safe in our hands, get back on board story. I don't know if the passengers thought of it that way but that was my first thought...'are you kidding me?' Is there not a law against such unsafe practices as not knowing if the crew flying a plane is 'fit for duty' as one might say until after they are in the air?
AA airlines (I doubt I'll fly with them anytime soon, then again I don't fly for a number of reasons) was travelling from Brazil to Miami when it was felt a crew member (not a passenger) was not 'fit' to be a crew member. So they stopped...somewhere along the caribbean. The article doesn't say what really happened to make the crew member unfit, maybe he was only tired, but for the money you pay shouldn't it be absolutely safe?
If they delayed because of one crew member then because of that delay which caused another delay because the rest of the crew had to 'rest' I'd say they don't have their shit together and it's just all around a huge risk to get back on that plane! Remember your paying for this and it doesn't cost less than a vacation at disneyland!
It also goes on to say 'after refueling and picking up the new crew" crew? Pick them up from where, the bus station? Suddenly the whole crew is 'unfit' to fly? How often does this happen?
I want my money back and a boat to cross the rest of the ocean. Being in a plane with this old crew and then a new and improved crew just doesn't feel right! Why do I feel like a part of this experience is being left out? It has been so long since I flew (now I know why) maybe things changed. Do you pay more to experience unexpected thrill frightening delays now?
I wonder what happens when a crew is unfit half way to the moon? here

Monday, November 18, 2013

Don't flag me down, just take them down

Once again there is never a cop where they should be! I say this because it seems they have a knack for being behind you unsuspecting when your driving down a highway, always ready to pull people over and ready to kick you out of a park or street corner if your exorcising free speech but where are they when black mobs are raiding a convenient store, or a group of young people are beating the crap out of one poor guy for being white, black, jewish, asian, alien! Not where it counts apparently.
I say this because while reading a story about a bunch of flags (you know, the kind that support your country kind of flags) that were displayed along an apparently large park, as the rotary club did five times a year, every year, someone or ones vandalized them. They tore them up, bent poles and just plain got nasty on each one of those flags! How much effort was put into this destruction? Well, there were 74 flags in all. That takes time and effort. Time enough I should think to be seen and get caught.
But no persons saw them, no officer on patrol passed by in the time it takes to get violent on 74 animated object at the park at night. Beware folks, you don't want to be alone walking in that park at night.
Who were these vandals? Teens, young gangs. Americans? Why would you do this anyway? Boredom? This is the end days and what has our young people got on their minds? Disrespecting their own country. With all the removal of flags from authority figures in many communities around the states this incident shows you exactly what mind set it is causing among the young.
This is a generation born without conscience. We can say at least young people had a cause during the sixties, they protested with reasons. They wanted to change the state of things in their country. They were against the government itself, the establishment because they recognized what it stood for.
Today the kids just carelessly hate America and don't even know why. It is one thing to tear a flag with some purpose but to tear a flag for no purpose gives us a most degenerated, animalist state of existence.
I think right now there is more to fight for, to protest against, to demand for the people than there was in  the 60's because America is literally on her death bed and it's government is the cause. The kids that tore up these flags (and kids like them all across these great states) are the very reason the cause is getting away with killing her. ~~~~~
I implore you, young people, to stop vandalizing America herself and seek what is polluting her. Stand behind the flag, and direct your energies in the open, not in the middle of the night hidden by darkness, and pick up a cause that makes a difference. Try picking up the flag and defending it. Sadley you can't. You can't defend something if you lack passion for it to begin with. You don't even know what America is. You probably can't even spell it!
One day you'll have that patriotic passion, oh yes, mark my words! One day you will. By then how ever, you'll be in a fema camp denying God on your way to a guillotine or gas chamber.
You'll say "they can't do this to me" because it's always about only you.
And then they'll be no more flamin hot cheetos, mc D's burgers and grand theft auto, for you!

Don't feed kids right, they may live

According to Dr Martha Rivera "we live in a society that loves to eat hot, spicy, not real foods" I agree. This is ok if your an adult and decides you want to destroy your health in careless ways, but don't you at least have an obligation to try to start your kids off right!
Remember the days when we told our kids "your not leaving the table until you eat those vegetables" Do kids even eat at tables anymore, let alone have ever heard those words?"
I think today is more like "we eat when I get to McDonalds, now go play your game" There are no more 'special treats' for kids anymore. According to one mom her son eats Flamin hot cheeto's at least 20-30 times a month. That's everyday. Not a Friday night, family night snack, but every day. Good going mom!
The only obstacle parents are seeing it seems is that these particular kind of cheetos are sending kids to the hospital because they really are flamin hot! What ever happened to the Apple or celery sticks! But ADHD lil Johnny might not eat it, and it cost money. If he isn't going to eat it and take a tantrum we should just give him what he wants with his "calm down while I get you your 'be a good boy' pill."
There is good news now though, the schools are withdrawing these flamin chips and other non food dietary because they say "there is no nutritional value" Really? How many years of education did it take the schools to figure that out? Maybe they should have consulted a grandmother to ask 'what would be of value to a child's health?"
Well now that schools will offer Apples I suppose they won't be wondering if it to may lack nutrition either, or is it a GMO foods?
Kiddies of tomorrow, don't ask about your future...if your mom's snacks and dinner don't kill ya, her okillocare insurance will! here

O why O why Obama

What a freaking piece off poopoo on the bottom of my shoe! Yes, I am describing our current president, obaashithead....o that's a bit long, but true! Apparently the Gettysburg celebration is getting under way and as important a symbol of freedom of America it is, Obaashithead is busy that day. With what we do not know and unlikely ever will.
He does how ever feel a great deal of effort should go into choosing a replacement for himself. He chooses (I am certain he thought long and hard about it) an unknown interior secretary who has worked for Obaaashithead for less than a year now. I bet this Sally chick is all excited and proud and completely unaware (as sheeple are) that no one wants her there or cares about what she has to say as she proudly steps up in a president's place. She should be refusing to go, I would, but then again jobs of this stature are hard to come by. God forbid we step up and take a loss for what's right.
Does this really surprise you people? Sheeple? Folks? It doesn't me. Obaashithead is a socioalist/communist and HATES AMERICA! He couldn't say it clear enough post his first election. And he is black! Think about it, should the first black president want to participate in a freedom celebration of this calabra, for with out FREEDOM he never would have been president. But why worry, we never voted him in anyway....The bilderbergs, elitist, illuminati...they did!
Wake up people. Isn't your face swollen red enough from on the slaps Obaashithead has given you? This is just another slap in the face, I suppose most people do keep their eyes shut when someones slaps them. It's kind of a reflex! Theres always a pill to make you forget and feel better about the pain and injustice anyway. That's why those cool little cure all pills were created. Maybe if you stopped popping legal drugs you could slap back! here

oh woes with me

One less serial killer seems fitting to me! Joseph Paul Franklin is going to die on the 20th. Hope he enjoys Hell or where ever bad people end up. I doubt highly it's the inner circle or dimension of light though.
I hear the same story with all of them "I regret......" Regret what? That you got caught? That you now face death? Did prison reform you or do you just wish you had been better at hiding your tracks? And what of your rotten mother and poverty upbringing? Many have crappy lives but only a handful grow up to kill.
Joseph's reason was to start a race war, he hated blacks, Jews and interracial couples. Why? Did mommy have something to do with that? Did poverty make you hates Jews? I would think you would want to kill only wealthy folk if that's the case or wealthy Woman. But boys 12 and 14 just doesn't seem to fit your excuses.
I believe your either born good or bad. Now how bad you become may have a lot to do with your rotten mother and shitty penniless upbringing, but you still were born with a demon in your heart to begin with.
I will pray for you. I'll pray your death is only as lingering as your victims were and that when and only when you stop lying to yourself and everyone else all heavens mercy will come to your aid.
Good riddance on your journey Joseph. here

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Those could be perfect parents

They don't give names in this article and with good reason. Some strangers may just get personal about this situation. An 8 year old adoptive boy, unwanted from birth it seems is also unwanted by his adoptive parents. At first I thought "Awful parents, would you dump your own off like that?" I continue to read thinking "must be one heck of a brat" but then the parents or ex parents complained, with an officers as witness as well, that the child, only 8 remember, was saying he was "going to kill everyone in the house" with a knife. Now I am thinking "A Dangerous brat" Naturally they go on to say he has 'mental issues' Seems to be a common phrase I don't recall hearing 15 years back. But today we are all mental or most everyones mental including most kids.
Then the article obviously refers to the child being on heavy medications for these severe mental issues. He was even hospitalized twice for his 'mental issues' Then I realized these parents are idiots. The child is only 8 and I would say 'a victim' of the hip hop drug m up in-thing to do to people these days!
It is more likely he may have been abused, acted out and then administered the 'keep in check' drug of choice. The abuse by the adoptive parents (we don't know his age at the time of adoption though it seems he was much younger) or by his previous parents is almost insignificant except to say that the 'medication' is not working....AT ALL!!!
Let's say weather abused or not they started drugging this emotional unwanted child at the age of 4 when we develope expression verbally and otherwise. Say he was 'depressed', 'mean to other kids' and 'hyperactive' so we give him pills....everyday for the past how ever many years. (2 or 4 perhaps)
Maybe these meds not for him and now his brain, unable to function properly is abnormally growing thanks to the abundance of pills or that switch a roo pill testing docs love to do. While the parents complain 'But Dr stupidman, he isn't adjusting to these, he is still running abound the house and refuses to watch tv!!!!" and Dr. Stupidman responds "It's ok Mrs. Dumbfuckalltohell, we can try another medication on him" Get my point people?
I wonder if some long term good old fashion counseling and parental love would have worked if these idiot parents and doctors didn't decide to stunt the kids brain growth with whatever new and improved cure all pill is out at the time.
What are we learning here?
Well if no one loves you and you react you have mental issues and if you act up you will be abandoned by those who obviously don't love you and there is no love in the world, because your mental. here

Todays list of someones neighbors activities

And the activities are really bringing us all closer these days!
I know throughout the years we have stupid, petty murders and serial killers, and violent people of all ages. At this age in time I feel it is quickening. For instance back when I was a teenager we just knew to respect our elders and once our parents caught wind of any disrespect our lives might end. Well a few years back I happened near my front window and caught three teens walk past and one kicked my trash can over for no apparent reason I could see. So I went outside and said "hey, can you pick that up please" and they all spewed the big F word as they kept walking, giving me the finger. I felt they were treating me as a dog tied in a yard barking at them. Not an adult whose property they openly just vandalized. Shame on me for saying anything!
I might have once called teenagers 'cocky lil brats' now I view them as 'just plain dangerous' But why? Well, maybe what they see everyday from all ages and professions may have a clue. After all, kids are still in training to be adults and where have all the mentors gone? No one has anyone to look up to anymore. Not their president, not their soldiers, not their teachers and many not even their parents. Let's look at how thoughtful the world feels for one another at any given time during any given situation.

Timothy Gochenour: Micheal Grey helped the homeless get on their feet and the homeless that knew him personally was more than willing to accept his hospitality. Mike would help this guy 'Tim" even if they did refer to him as 'the devil.' I certainly would not be allowing anyone to enter my home with a nickname like that, nor would I be surprise as these people appeared when he finally laced a milkshake with an abundance of all ailment healing pharmaceuticals and handed it to his savior, and good samaritan pal, Mike. I believe the response was "He was into some weird, evil stuff but I never thought he would go this far" Hey lady, do you know just how stupid you sound saying that? And this is how we show appreciation to helping hands.  here

Ronald Guilette, 29 is every womans dream husband. Just don't argue with him and especially in the driveway while he's sitting in a truck. Maybe he didn't realize he ran her over and that she was being dragged down the road. Now this isn't a funny matter since he did mean business, and you pretty much feel for the broken bodied woman (who will probably go back after all this and with just an apology) whose injuries were to the spine, ribs, pelvis and abdomen and don't forget the broken finger! She is alive and talking. Thank God otherwise Ron would be up for murder! The funny part is what hospital she was taken too. Who on this earth would name a hospital 'Cape Fear Valley Medical Center' I know, it's probably the name of the town but the town could have chosen a more appropriate name than cape fear, don't ya think? I wish I new how that medical center came up with that name? Well since she is alive they gave him a mere $5000,00 bond. WHAT, COME AGAIN? The wife wants him charged with attempted murder but you know it's just a domestic dispute that got carried away. Right? I just hope their sons (if there are any) learns how to handle the woman they love better than dad shows them. here

Crazy End Days Weather

We all know how crazy insane the weather has become the past few years and intensifying has not slowed down one bit. I get a very uneasy feeling when a report of 60..(YES SIXTY)...tornado's touchdown almost at one.
Naturally we have heard that this happens, crazy weather effects of any kind, is due to the 'green effect' or 'global warming' and therefore the gov't must ask we pay a 'carbon tax' for this purpose. In essence 'tax on breathing' for global conditions. Then they can pretend they can do something about controlling the weather with that tax money. Like take a vacation or bribe another candidate to go along with some vote over for some other non existing condition on the planet. Who knows!
Either way, no one controls mother nature...or maybe they do with those chemtrails and HAARP machine! If they do cause these great monumental storms, or God is causing it, they are here and increasing.
I think it is worth talking about. Well here is the latest bad ass tornado that brought all the tornado family members with it, all 60 of them!

Laws on Freedom and flags

Still America? That's what you may think or maybe only those people near my age (52) knows what Freedom was, so how would know if you never had it? America was a proud place once and flying flags were admired, gave us a warm supportive, I am at home feeling. Now you can't hang a flag on a restaurant or in your front yard. Yes, a man put a flag in the front yard and he was told to remove it because of a 'clutter' law. Argument being if everyone put flags out it would look bad. Even political 'voting' signs were not allowed because of the obstruction and clutter they produce.
But proud flags on top of a restaurant is not unsightly or cluttery, it's pride and support. Is this freedom? Ask yourself why not support america during these perilous political dark days that are weakening and killing our beloved country like a cancer in a body. I will post the link to this story but more importantly exactly why there are any vague laws on Flag Flying being enforced in record numbers is beyond me or perhaps John Kennedy (the last true president for the people) told us this answer.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

World gone crazy

Does anything bother anyone anymore? Think about it, these are our new age advertisements geared not towards the folks over forty who are more in NEED of health care, but rather younger healthier people who just want to act immoral. Apparently those behind the campaign to lead the lambs to the slaughter think so little of you, the average young American (graduates not responsible, just in dept) that this is the most creative they could get.
From what I gather the elderly and really sick will be gone by the time it matters if everyone has signed up to killocare, the new graduates ready to gain unemployment that will pay off their collage debt and support a future family, won't be. There pretty much telling you, there won't be any work save min wage jobs or at least not the kind of careers you thought you were getting.
It appears your not as educated as you thought if the insults these ads are giving, (to the young folks), are not pissing you off! Apparently your just glad about being able to get the pill, abortion, and drunk driving accidents and overdosing. Just keep texting while driving since ALL will be covered thanks to the government that thinks so highly of you 'common sheeple.' If your not angry then you are in the sphere of 'sheeple people' and you may consider saving a buck or two by NOT bothering insuring yourself because your dead already. You just don't know it yet!
Or you can go run to the keyboard, sign up so you can even PAY for your imminent intentional questionable deaths by the sociopathic (dare I say psychotic) Leaders who have only your best intention in mind. Just seems like it doesn't really take an education to figure out that if your living on Roman Noodles you'll NEED this insurance!
Here you are, if you have not had the amusement of seeing them yet. These are just two of many!