Psychic Advisor

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I call it F.E.S. which means Face Eating Syndrome. It really does not describe what it is, just the easiest description for people to understand. What is really happening is that people of all early adult ages to later in life ages, races and careers are snapping into a primal behavior quite suddenly, or so we think. No one is coming forward to say how these people might have been behaving hours or days prior to any violent episode.
Rudy Eugene is considered the first case, although some indicate there was one other before him, and his girlfriend expressed a concern that he was acting unusual earlier that morning. There are no others I have heard of except Rudy Eugene. Johnny Lewis appeared to have been social and very coherent only minutes before he snapped.
There have been approximately 30 cases since 2011. These are the only ones that escaped what I deemed a 'blackout' and no one is talking about them! Why not? We are certainly not getting answers. Not one person, physician or expert has come forward to say what the cause of Eugene & Lewis's deadly outbursts were, and no one is asking? Makes me want to ask more.
Today in the news was an article about an 18 year old doing exactly what these other cases were doing attacking, biting, super strength and on and on. That makes 4 cases in 2013 and now 1 in Jan 2014. It is not over. It will continue because everytime I think it is over another case pops up. Same scenario, same symptoms and these are uncommon to the average person so they pretty easy to detect as long as the public are permitted to hear about them!.
I'm going to do another show about them. Look for it and comments will absolutely be welcomed.
Leave the mainstream sheeple thoughts of bath salts and synthetic drugs at the door. Eugene and Lewis had NOTHING in their system. I highly doubt that a 15 year veteran cop on the job or a University professor in the classroom were doing drugs at the time of their episodes! Stew on that for awhile.