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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We pay for gov't indecision?

Let's see if I understand this correctly. If prices of milk get to low, then the gov't promises to buy milk from farmers? So if the gov't decides 'naaa, we don't want  to anymore' or 'naaa we don't know what we want, yet' they just don't pass another agreement or bill and then the cost would double. The government has control over this every year? Are you kidding me? I did not know, but now I do, if I have this right. Who on earth would by a gallon of milk for $7.00???
Luckily I don't drink milk, or eat cheese and I'm ok without yogurt! Babies can live without milk also!  Looks like woman will be forced to nurse! I can not imagine how high formular could go lacking a cap on it, it is already to much.
I worry about the farmers myself, is it business as usual for them? Does this kind of political move (that's what I call it when a government knows the consequences of their actions and still does it)  break the farmers outright? Then what, Government buys the farms?
Well folks there you have it. Dairy may become to expensive to buy, seafish already is radiated and uneatable, cows have mad cow, swine has swine flew (we'll eat it anyway, right?), everything else is GMO.........just saying. 
We know the government making these rules has their very own food supply untouched by the real world of course, cures for all diseases that really work (why do they never seem to die young?) and enough money to afford $7.00 a gallon anyways!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  here

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