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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Whores are safer than Johns???

Anyone want to be a whore? Is it legal yet, because it is certainly promoted.
Politely known as prostitute. Let's just keep it real, they are sluts. I could get graphic and nasty about this article but I'll be nice. Apparently it is a big to do if a man gets killed by a whore, although I am certain the whores being killed by Johns are highly out numbered by thousands. But these guys are well-to-do making this a-big-to-do.
The problem is that this article glorifies the whores (proper english everyone) because these girls are on the computer making around $500 an hour. They have polished their nail pig hooves, they bring their pig faces to the hairstylist and the shower their pig bodies. They make themselves appear like educated pigs who do not live in a mud pit but a beautiful home. If the pig is educated why is she then doing nasty things with nasty strange men and smiling about it.
I feel for the whore mom who maybe dabbles a man or two to feed her kids, but make a loving career out of it? Well, they are not a temp whore in a desperate dead end moment, they are just an embarrassment to their family and God.
So now our society feels it is worth interviewing the poor career whore because one whore killing a perfect gentleman is giving the piggy whores a bad name and 'the little red book' is going away stressing many piggy whores out, because how will they ever do a background check on their piggy johns? Oh my, see the dilemma they find themselves in?
Then I saw a link on this article about why prostitutes loves obamacare. Kidding right? I didn't read it. No need. Whose spreading swine diseases. Ask the piggy whore, piggy johns and the piggy media that thinks this is important to tell the public about. Unless you're a piggy, this should offend you! Are you offended?  here