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Monday, November 18, 2013

oh woes with me

One less serial killer seems fitting to me! Joseph Paul Franklin is going to die on the 20th. Hope he enjoys Hell or where ever bad people end up. I doubt highly it's the inner circle or dimension of light though.
I hear the same story with all of them "I regret......" Regret what? That you got caught? That you now face death? Did prison reform you or do you just wish you had been better at hiding your tracks? And what of your rotten mother and poverty upbringing? Many have crappy lives but only a handful grow up to kill.
Joseph's reason was to start a race war, he hated blacks, Jews and interracial couples. Why? Did mommy have something to do with that? Did poverty make you hates Jews? I would think you would want to kill only wealthy folk if that's the case or wealthy Woman. But boys 12 and 14 just doesn't seem to fit your excuses.
I believe your either born good or bad. Now how bad you become may have a lot to do with your rotten mother and shitty penniless upbringing, but you still were born with a demon in your heart to begin with.
I will pray for you. I'll pray your death is only as lingering as your victims were and that when and only when you stop lying to yourself and everyone else all heavens mercy will come to your aid.
Good riddance on your journey Joseph. here

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