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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Todays list of someones neighbors activities

And the activities are really bringing us all closer these days!
I know throughout the years we have stupid, petty murders and serial killers, and violent people of all ages. At this age in time I feel it is quickening. For instance back when I was a teenager we just knew to respect our elders and once our parents caught wind of any disrespect our lives might end. Well a few years back I happened near my front window and caught three teens walk past and one kicked my trash can over for no apparent reason I could see. So I went outside and said "hey, can you pick that up please" and they all spewed the big F word as they kept walking, giving me the finger. I felt they were treating me as a dog tied in a yard barking at them. Not an adult whose property they openly just vandalized. Shame on me for saying anything!
I might have once called teenagers 'cocky lil brats' now I view them as 'just plain dangerous' But why? Well, maybe what they see everyday from all ages and professions may have a clue. After all, kids are still in training to be adults and where have all the mentors gone? No one has anyone to look up to anymore. Not their president, not their soldiers, not their teachers and many not even their parents. Let's look at how thoughtful the world feels for one another at any given time during any given situation.

Timothy Gochenour: Micheal Grey helped the homeless get on their feet and the homeless that knew him personally was more than willing to accept his hospitality. Mike would help this guy 'Tim" even if they did refer to him as 'the devil.' I certainly would not be allowing anyone to enter my home with a nickname like that, nor would I be surprise as these people appeared when he finally laced a milkshake with an abundance of all ailment healing pharmaceuticals and handed it to his savior, and good samaritan pal, Mike. I believe the response was "He was into some weird, evil stuff but I never thought he would go this far" Hey lady, do you know just how stupid you sound saying that? And this is how we show appreciation to helping hands.  here

Ronald Guilette, 29 is every womans dream husband. Just don't argue with him and especially in the driveway while he's sitting in a truck. Maybe he didn't realize he ran her over and that she was being dragged down the road. Now this isn't a funny matter since he did mean business, and you pretty much feel for the broken bodied woman (who will probably go back after all this and with just an apology) whose injuries were to the spine, ribs, pelvis and abdomen and don't forget the broken finger! She is alive and talking. Thank God otherwise Ron would be up for murder! The funny part is what hospital she was taken too. Who on this earth would name a hospital 'Cape Fear Valley Medical Center' I know, it's probably the name of the town but the town could have chosen a more appropriate name than cape fear, don't ya think? I wish I new how that medical center came up with that name? Well since she is alive they gave him a mere $5000,00 bond. WHAT, COME AGAIN? The wife wants him charged with attempted murder but you know it's just a domestic dispute that got carried away. Right? I just hope their sons (if there are any) learns how to handle the woman they love better than dad shows them. here

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