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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Could be a bad kid

Oh the woes with hormonal adolescent. Let's just admit when a good slap on the butt was taken away something had to replace it and a result like this would arise. Problem is this replacement is seen every day every where. It isn't the internet's fault either.....or is it? Is mom on the texting system and dad on porn sights a part of the problem? Is the fact that kids spend most of their time bonding with their delinquent friends or strangers while mom and dad, if there is a dad, ignore the duties of parenting?
I've read where parents are fighting in front of kids at the kids birthday parties, at kiddy ballgames and at walmart over cell phones. What do children learn, what molds them? Not these things, right? Now we have 15 year old girls beating up bus drivers, teachers in the class rooms, bullying other classmates, and let's not forget the knock out game. I even watched on a video where parents are not only attacking bus drivers themselves while defending the ground of their golden moronic adolescent child, but actually pitting there child and another together encouraging them to fight out their differences. Sometimes the kid doesn't even want to fight!
This 15 year old female is a poster girl of intelligent retardation. This girl is an untamed pittbull and needs more than an expulsion. This girls fear level of authorities is taken to a level that clearly displays a major potential danger to society in the future. This girl not only refused to respect an authoritive demand as if she is some special princess that deserves to do as she dam well pleases, but attacks the bus driver and tried to pull the taser out of a cops hands. I say tase that rabid dog!
These are a huge % of out of control kids today and from the words of God himself "Children shall rule the world" That always was a little scary for me. There is a natural order of things for a reason. Then again with Atheist promoting there is no God, woman becoming heads of households, gay marriages and all the contributes to have a lawless immoral self absorbed society what did we think these kids would become. All these things are not loving embraces. In fact many adults are placing the kids second to everything else giving them more time to just wonder about pushing all the lack of control in their own home life out against everyone around them.
The parents giving these kids toys, and games in place of attention then defends these dangerous brats out of guilt. If these are the kids of today, and the majority of them. The next generation is going to be a living hell! Well one last word from God before I end this article and that is "There will be an entire generation born with out a conscience" I think it has arrived!here

Todays list of someone's neighbors activities

I've heard of getting cold feet before a wedding but never after. I suppose this woman could just be bi-polar who didn't take her medicine that day or she could be a sociopath or even a black widow! It could be she was forced to marry a man who behind closed doors beat her and, well, how do you explain that you hated, feared and married him and make people believe it was in self defense. I know if I had been standing on a cliff with my manly man on our honeymoon I might have pushed him, unlikely knowing the consequences, but I might have! Still she isn't claiming abuse so we can rule that out.
Seems like our friendly female neighbors are getting to be as dangerous as the male neighbors these days. Are woman just tired of being pushed around? Can a person really argue on their honeymoon on the top of a cliff? If you married a psycho (assuming you know the person you marry) why would you stand on the edge of a cliff with them?
At least we learned one honorable thing about her, she took her vows very seriously! Brownie points in heaven when she never gets there. I would have thought this was an accident except she lied then unlied then showed no emotion a real newlywed who lost her hubby during the most romantic vacation one will ever experience. Naa, something is wrong with this neighbor of someones. Luckily she may only be your neighbor and not your wife........or babysitter. Remember you don't want her babysitting, your child may mysteriously fall out a window. here

Here is another woman you don't want babysitting your kids, though you would never ask her because she has to many of her own. One every year is great if you love children but it seems this mommy tried to sell her infant not once, but twice and then decided she wanted her back again. I guess selling, retrieving and possibly would have resold the baby when in financial need is ok, if your looney toons that is. This woman and many more like her could be your neighbor and could even have joined your child's birthday party and you would never even know she was into selling her kids. Imagine hearing about this when you grow up? What a head trip! here

Game over this time

The knock out game played by those youths whose parents drilled into their heads that 'whitey holds them back' is in full swing and has been for years. It's been ignored pretty much until now. It is being talked about more and more because I suppose since no one has taken action before now, it is escalating. I highly doubt you can blame this on 'whitey' but you can blame this behavior and mental handicap on holding themselves back.
How gutless can a human being be (white, black or any other color) to attack helpless old woman. This being the second case I am writing about. The first a 80 something year old woman and now a 93 year old woman. Here is a woman who has generously lent her car to a charity while happily inconveniencing herself taking a bus to see her granddaughter on her granddaughters birthday. Attacked on a special day! But anyone attacking a 93 year old woman wouldn't care anyway is my guess.
While one certain black youth punched her knocking her to the ground it was several in on the dirty deed, laughing as she is kicked around. Blacks always travel in packs, must be their DNA make up in their subconscious retarded brain to be tribal. No, I am not going to be nice and talk with a greater humanitarian intelligence about these scumbags or those who raised them. I am sure it was the white race that caused them to turn on an old white woman. But, I am concerned over the racism these retards are continuing. If the person is white it's right, right?
The idea that you can just punch anyone for fun is outrageous, and if they are choosing only Whites or Asians then it is about race, not that they don't turn on their own as well. That's been proven with the way they destroy their own peoples property during riots. Remember the king riots, they tore down their own neighborhood to teach whites a lesson. Good going!! I really don't see to many whites doing that, hell I don't even see much in the means of white riots.
Well finally someone stood up and thank God she is still permitted to have a gun! That old woman shot that certain punk and that punks brothers ran in fear. YES TO BARING ARMS! 
I'm sure the black folks that knew these retarded boys will say all great things on the punks behalf and blame the 93 year old whitey for unjustly shooting an innocent black boy. After all, if she wasn't white it wouldn't have happened, she must have said some horrible racial slur to make that young decent boy and his nice friends attacker her! Not only that but since her great grandfather probably beat and hated some innocent ancestor of that poor black boy and his nice friends it was coming eventually. God knows this generation of black children and young people can feel how held back these white people still make them feel. One way or another it is justified.
Obamashithead still hasn't said a word about his people beating helpless non black people with a sucker punch and laughing accomplices. Has anyone once heard him address his own people in a way that would bring color together? No. In fact we all know he doesn't even like his own white blood inherited by his mother. Well since he had so much to say about poor Trayvon Martin, how about confronting these retards. You can't take sides now Obamashithead! You would think he would stand before them and give them a talking to about how he was not held back and became president. Then again how can he? Everything he has accomplished since becoming president has been with secrets, bribery and behind closed doors. Basically sucker punching America and beating her to the ground while laughing with his retarded accomplices.
Yes, Obamaashithead is quite the role model encouraging these retarded young boys by doing to America what they are doing to people on the street just trying to get through another day. If there is to much black profiling, this kind of consistent behavior is the reason why.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thank you for buying us presents

Anyone who invades another home to rob them are real losers but even worse than that is someone robbing a house at christmas and stealing christmas presents while the children these presents are for are present. When I read the article, my first thought was 'They are black' and then I read the article and to no surprise they have 'dark skin.'
The question is not if I am prejudiced or not, the question is 'why did I know that?' I suggest the black community start to look in a mirror. This not to say whites are not capable of this or have never done such a thing. They are and I am sure we can find some cracker that has stolen childrens christmas presents. It just seems blacks are more likely to do it. You can argue with me but it won't change the truth. I mean look at thier role models today Obamashithead and murderer mandela. Think about it! Both are criminals and I know Obamashithead is a theif.
Well, aside from bringing race into it, it is in itself just wrong, immoral and unholy. Which ever the race.
I can understand how this world made it easy for impressionable characters to do such a thing with out moral question. We have Atheist talking about how unimportant Christmas really is. Does this not bring about a moral obligation more around christmas than any other time of year? No, opposite.
Thanks Atheist. Your presents is felt! here

Memorial of the monster murderer Mandela

I don't get what great thing he did. I do know he was in PRISON! How does one get to go from prison to president anyway? Oh right, criminals make the best Presidents, especially if they are SOCIALIST! Kind of like our own personal first black socialist president Obamashithead! Our President Obamashithead did not come straight out of jail and into a high paying, powerful position, he was born into it. I guess it is common though. Hitler was a jailbird too and look at all his accomplishments.
I was reading up on Mendela (the now hell bound placeless soul burning for eternity as he caused so many others to do) and discovered he really enjoyed and endorsed the use of Necklacing. Why on Earth would you miss a man like this? He did not stop any such prejudice activity because he did this to blacks that conversed with whites! He hated whites and was highly prejudiced himself! This is not doing an honorable business and moving forward toward peace and harmony. He is a dick! And we have a DICK for President.
So, while Obama would not speak at the founding of America day or attend the funeral of the Polish president (polish is white after all), he will attend and speak highly of a black ex con murderer who did no great thing in Africa. In fact, ask anyone if they want to willingly live in Africa. If your white the answer will be NO! Some peacekeeper this guy was!
If in fact Obama loves this monster what does that make him and more importanly how dangerouse could Obamashitdickhead really be to white Americans?
You don't know what necklacing is? Let me explain!
Definition of Necklacing:  The practice of execution and torture carried out by forcing a rubber tire, filled with petrol around the victim's chest and arms, and setting it on fire. The victim may take up to 20 min to die, suffering severe burns in the process. 

One way Ticket for YOU!

So they are taking applications to send a civilian (anyone?) to Mars in 2025? Is this right? How much does this cost, just to apply I wonder? Maybe applying is free on account that if chosen to be the first pioneers of mars (so the human race can destroy yet a second planet) you won't be coming back and if anything goes wrong your on your own. Ya, it should be free! In fact the whole one way trip should be free!
Seems the first problem is getting someone there! You would think they would figure out that first. Second and what they appear to put as least important is Air. If I was taking a one way trip the first thing I would say is "can I breath?" I mean even if they decide they can live in a dome the rest of there lives, if there was a breach in the dome, they die!
If there was air on the planet and everything else when wrong, they would have a chance at surviving. They could walk around the planet, find things we on Earth have not. I wonder why they are choosing people to go before they can even get them there or know about the water supply. Gee, they make a huge plan based on a few pictures.
I have an Idea!!! What if we were to take ALL THAT MONEY it is costing for this adventure and FIX EARTH with it. WHERE THERE IS AIR AND PEOPLE ALREADY HERE!!!!
Oh, how ridiculous right? We already destroyed this planet beyond repair and people are like unmanageable cockroaches beyond the worth of saving. No, we want to take same said race and destroy something new. Earths playground is just no fun anymore, we need a new more challenging place to create, conquer and destroy! here