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Friday, June 20, 2014

Prison is for stupid people not criminals, right?

Watch out for the New World Order that is so much closer than one thinks! Just ask Emma, she'll agree. The New World Order or NWO is just what it says, the world. It is an intention to create a socialist police (gov't) state with the same laws, money, religion etc, etc. in the whole wide world.
I think you will find that in order to accomplish this fear must dominate.  Emma is scared to death right now,  in Canada,  where she resides because apparently the new law of the land is that stupidity can land you in jail for LIFE! That's right, if you do something really dumb, as Emma admits she did, causing something fatal to happen unintentionally you do life in prison with murders, child molesters and gang members.
In this case I think the woman became stupid when her humanitarian emotion took over. How many people swerved to avoid hitting a dog only to run directly into a tree. Kinda like that. Emma saw cute, innocent, unprotected ducklings walking about the side of the highway (like a toddler or two have done) and she stopped to help them. The problem was she stopped on the left hand, fast paced side of the highway as a motorcycle sped down the road unable to stop before slamming into the back of her car. Killing both a dad and his daughter that were on the bike. It was a pretty stupid move.
The question is if she should go to prison for her eternal days on Earth because of it. She was not excessively speeding, on drugs or drunk. She was trying to save chicklings. Should their be mercy? Or OFF WITH HER HEAD! Because, after all, she is stupid. She was stupid and negligent. Not a druggy with a gun and a history of arrest. She never committed a crime before. Still, she was stupid.
So now know this: If your stupid or do something stupid that costs another their life you will be considered a danger to society forever. Well it could be worse, she could be living twenty years from now when they will be executing stupid people for less of an infraction. Might be just looking stupid will be enough.
I know what your thinking---A man and kid died for crying out loud, where is your sympathy?---- Well I am not saying don't punish her for this negligent act, but I don't think the rest of her life is necessary. She has to live with what she caused. That is a type of prison, a mental prison she will be in the rest of her life and can never escape from how ever free she is from bars. I think the reason she was being stupid should be taken into consideration. She has a heart. Not a criminal mind. here

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  1. I agree with this also. Just cuz she stopped to help some chickens does not mean she needs to go to prison for life. I also agree she will have to live with that. But she does not deserve prison. wth is goin on in this world today. F****d up all the way around.