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Thursday, November 21, 2013

flying cars, just like cayce said

In case you did not know it there were two predictions famed psychic Edgar Cayce said back in the 40's or 30's, not sure but it was definitely over seventy years ago! One was that there would be a personal psychic for everyone. Today we have the psychic hotlines. Second was that there would be flying cars and here I am watching a video about the muller flying car that has been passed by the FAA for flight and soon, as soon as 2014, they will be fit for sale to the general population.  I am just amazed that when I read these things in several books about Edgar Cayce (back when America was still free and life was still good and people were still emotionally human) 30 years ago, I never thought I would see them in my lifetime. Seemed so futuristic!
We know the first to get them and use them against us will be the gov't and law officials. If you saw one of these things you'd say "ALIEN!" maybe this is the thing we see hovering in the sky. I found while watching the video and the anchorwoman telling us all about it and how it only weighs 1500 pounds as, picture this, she leans against it saying '...with fuel and two passengers..." then pushes it and it rolls as if light as a feather. She looked so dumb. Even if the seats are empty and it is unfueled there is no way she would be able to roll it away! But I guess she had to make her point to the dumber sheeple out there watching her and when they see this they light up with amazement, ooohhhhs and ahhhhs. Never figuring out how much a thousand pounds weigh. Gave me a bit of a laugh!
They also said that it will run speeds up to 300 miles per hour! Wow I can't wait to see the first newly licenced kid up there racing his 1500 pound car at 300 miles an hour into another flying car. Everyone will certainly know when there is an accident. No need to wait for sirens for this, just look up at the explosion. I think the odds of surviving a car accident just dropped to zero. here

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