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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Like I say, Dangerous brats

Kids may be born bad but it takes a lot to push a bad kid over into murder, or does it? Maybe we are born to murder and there are just a whole bunch walking the earth right now. Like 14 yr old Phillip Chism who took a boxcutter, walks into a girls room behind a teacher (during school hours?) Punches her, kills her, robbs and rapes her. Then stuffs her in a recycling bin and dumps her. Really?
The article says second story up was the bathroom, so no one saw anything, no noise? School couldn't have been in session, in fact no one could have been on the second floor at all. Was this planned? I'm so confused. Not one person even after school hours did not see this kid pushing or pulling over 100 pounds down the hall, stairs and to a dumpster. Pretty strong and fast kid!
Can every person just stop texting for one min and look around? Listen?
It takes a lot of effort and it takes time.
Who is this kid that thinks this is the thing to do. He had parents apparently, a mom who loved him. I want to know if he is on medications and how long he was on them. For instance was his very first prescription med at age six because he daydreamed, like Albert Einstein? Imagine the drugs society would have that guy on if he was a boy today?
Did he have a lot of family pets that died suddenly or just ran away? Was he allowed to get his way anytime he wanted at home?
Teachers were once looked up to, respected. We had to call them by their last name for a reason. Now if youre a 'good' teacher, young and pretty one must be very careful of the kids that like them and that is just sick. No more being the type of teacher that 'wins the kids over' and aspires to 'change their lives'. Be afraid. Very, very afraid.
Seems if a kid today likes you to much they kill you, if they hate you they kill you.
Well how do we fix this? For one thing, how about we stop texting once in a while and look around. Not just in school, but at home, on the street, at the park. Let's see who we share this world with. It is obvious people are very detached and when an adolescent feels attached they don't know how to deal with it. Good or bad.
Well, it's a possibility. You decide. here
Look how tall he is...14? He's taller than the guard! Kinda like lil innocent Trayvon who was way taller and more intimidating than zimmerman.

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