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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

To many unanswered questions

In an evangelistic University Joshua Hathaway, 19, was at an all girls dorm. The dorm was not on but part of the university. Why, is what they don't tell us. The media knows details such as the dorm is 3 miles from the university but why Joshua was at the dorm is a mystery to me. The first set of reports was that a lengthy 4 hours after the incident the police still did not know if Joshua had a gun. Why not?
First reports were of a disturbance in the lobby of the dorm that a armed security guard for this university was called to. Second reports are he (the officer) was already in the lobby of this dorm when Joshua approached the armed officer saying he had been robbed.
Then the story takes a weird, do I really believe the updated story as it is told, twist. According to the updated version Joshua was hiding a sledgehammer under his clothes. I find that hard to believe, a sledgehammer has a long handle and huge top. This means he was wearing a bulky trenchcoat. He then, after getting the officers attention saying he was robbed attacks the armed officer. Why?
Witnesses said that they heard 6 -7 shots fired then heard the sirens in the first report, but in the second updated report witnesses are not mentioned and it is stated that only 2 shots were fired killing Joshua. What happen to witnesses?
What's the point I'm making? So the truth comes out discrediting witnesses, not by other witnesses, but by simply forgetting there were witnesses. Something is happening in the world (maybe even on planes, remember the unfit crew member is my previous article? They conveniently left out why the crew member was unfit) that started, as far as we know, with a man named Rudy Eugene and continue through 2011 straight up to early 2013with a total of 24 confirmed (in my eyes and they are open) cases all similar in nature. What if there is a black out and the media is not either being given truths about publicised incidences or are unable to.
I just have to many questions in this story unanswered. I guess everyone under stress (media says Joshua was stressed over money & academics) grabs any weapon to attack anyone at anytime. I don't believe this. Some people are crazy, true, but this is becoming a common behavior that is quickly accepted my the masses. All I ever hear is 'drugs' or if no drugs are involved then it is 'stress' which I find hard to believe.
How nice when I go to correct something I am only able to delete it. I have not had one problem writing these articles until this one. Just wanted to 1

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