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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Brad Pitts Greatest Masterpiece WWZ

I'm so tired I probably should wait to write this, but I like to do things fresh on my mind as distorted as I may feel. This article is more serious than I have taken the others because of the content of this movie, World War Z. It scared the bejeebers out of me but not in a traditional sense.
 I carefully looked beyond my yard after pausing the movie to let my dog out and heard teenagers being teenagers in yards behind my yard. We are all connected. I thought 'what if?' someone or many ones just ran up on me and I barely made it back through the door having to leave my dog helpless to replace my coming attack. Yek!
Why would I think that? In Brads movie we were never privy to the little white dogs attack so why would I have assumed my dog would be attacked? I'll tell you. Because in real life dogs are attacked. Either Brad knows more than us or he is extremely lucky in his accuracy of how these unfortunate souls function in real life. I know he produced the movie off a book already written but I am told by my kids who read the book it was lacking much compared to the film. I didn't read it myself. I can't read a book after a movie. One or the other gets ruined.
US-Korea-Israel-India. They never do say where it originated and it would have been anyones guess and less exciting to travel to Canada-China-UK. Those are the places I am aware of but I know it could be everywhere, anywhere.
Avian flu-Rabies-Spanish Flu. The do not tell us how it was born but it was interesting to hear the word Rabies, this was one of my first considerations while trying to connect the dots between people and places. Overseas did not seem likely so I considered vaccines against  illness, such as a flu vaccine. A bad batch or a deliberate attempt to start some apocalypse from a mad scientist. If it was the government trying to produce a new way to divide and kill it would be a lame attempt and too slow. It could be something created by the government accidentally leaked as suggested in the movie 'the crazies' through the water supply or yet another thought was that we were public test soldiers, super soldiers that could not be taken down and either it is out of control or to well controlled. If a soldier were to be shot three times before even indicating a fall to the ground it would benefit any army, don't ya think? Primal, painless, strong, fast soldiers. Why waste Ammo just release them! One could also question why the powers that be are stockpiling weapons and bullets. We assume it to be a socialist agenda being prepared to overtake society, but what if it was something else?
Certainly the media has only methodically leaked a few cases while twisting facts around. Gosh, how stupid are people not to notice the lack of details and follow ups.
Brad Pitts movie showed fast moving, decaying, slamming heads, super strength, jumping, biting insane people portrayed as dead alive. The only mistake he made I could see was his use of the word Z or Zombie. In real life this is not at all what we are up against, and so far not in large numbers thank God. In real life they are well alive. The idea they change in 12 seconds to 10 or maybe 15 minutes is very accurate as well. We know Johnny Lewis shook hands with neighbors and left only to return 15 minutes later to attack three people who had to barricade themselves and described punching lewis as 'swatting a fly' he did not feel anything but certainly wanted to tear something, anything (cat) apart. No discriminating.
Most real life cases have had super strength, were fast, biting, banging their heads, climbing and jumping to their death, or on one particular occasion got back up and ran with broken limbs in tow. These description are uncanny to the Z movies.
If we want to bring more reality into real life (like there isn't enough already) let's talk about the movie Pontypool. Not only do they mention the deliberate orchestration of Sandy Hook but they describe people naked, biting and attacking like crazy people an entire community. Naked and biting caught my ears. They indicated disorientation with speech prior to snapping and as we saw with one of the characters rather suddenly. 12 seconds maybe?
If, according to WWZ, you are ill your safe but in real life I don't think it matters. Does noise bother these poor souls in real life or is there a frequency causing this odd behavior as indicated in the movie Signal. I think it may be safer to stay on the path of a toxic substance created and released (deliberate or not) into random citizens.
I am not sure if the truth will ever be known since the media are fools and no longer understand their job. As long as they hide or twist facts, or forget to do (permitted?) follow ups how can we the public know what to look for in our inner circle before someone pops off on us. Is it contagious? Unlikely since they appear and disappear. Rudy Eugene's girl gave interviews and supposively Poppo survived after the attack. But my Question about Poppo is wheres that movie? That would make a real life horror story. How could it end though? There are no answers as to why it happened at all.
In real life before World War Z I was already crossing the street when I see another person approaching, just in case. I suggest you do the same! Whatever is causing it people are still being affected and the movies may have more of a reality than just entertainment.
So all I can say is "Be prepared for anything"
I'm locking my windows now and going to bed....... with my dog!

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