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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Could be a real crappy parent

Imagine being pregnant and only thinking about how tough your kid will be and to prove it you take a hammer him, while still in the belly??? She's allowed to keep the child after birth?
The father of the unborn filmed this and obviously wanted some justice but no one from childrens services or police would do anything. I figure there is no law against hurting your own unborn child, only if someone else takes a hammer to your belly while pregnant.
What does this say about the mother to be? Will she use a hammer to toughen the boy up during discipline time?
It seems the mother now lives with her parents and the child is only 1 years old and already reading, talking, walking. I'd read pretty fast if my mom had a hammer to my head too. I guess this means there is no abuse and all is well since he is doing, supposedly, so well. Mom now claims that the father of the child is not his but her current partner is the biological father, even though the new partner, new dad denies this claim. Really?
So we can change dads at will and hammer the hell out of unborn babies and raise them to be 'perfect super babies' If you ask me, she's crazy and the baby is not looking very happy in the pictures.
These are the moms of today? welcome to the end days! here

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