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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Those could be perfect parents

They don't give names in this article and with good reason. Some strangers may just get personal about this situation. An 8 year old adoptive boy, unwanted from birth it seems is also unwanted by his adoptive parents. At first I thought "Awful parents, would you dump your own off like that?" I continue to read thinking "must be one heck of a brat" but then the parents or ex parents complained, with an officers as witness as well, that the child, only 8 remember, was saying he was "going to kill everyone in the house" with a knife. Now I am thinking "A Dangerous brat" Naturally they go on to say he has 'mental issues' Seems to be a common phrase I don't recall hearing 15 years back. But today we are all mental or most everyones mental including most kids.
Then the article obviously refers to the child being on heavy medications for these severe mental issues. He was even hospitalized twice for his 'mental issues' Then I realized these parents are idiots. The child is only 8 and I would say 'a victim' of the hip hop drug m up in-thing to do to people these days!
It is more likely he may have been abused, acted out and then administered the 'keep in check' drug of choice. The abuse by the adoptive parents (we don't know his age at the time of adoption though it seems he was much younger) or by his previous parents is almost insignificant except to say that the 'medication' is not working....AT ALL!!!
Let's say weather abused or not they started drugging this emotional unwanted child at the age of 4 when we develope expression verbally and otherwise. Say he was 'depressed', 'mean to other kids' and 'hyperactive' so we give him pills....everyday for the past how ever many years. (2 or 4 perhaps)
Maybe these meds not for him and now his brain, unable to function properly is abnormally growing thanks to the abundance of pills or that switch a roo pill testing docs love to do. While the parents complain 'But Dr stupidman, he isn't adjusting to these, he is still running abound the house and refuses to watch tv!!!!" and Dr. Stupidman responds "It's ok Mrs. Dumbfuckalltohell, we can try another medication on him" Get my point people?
I wonder if some long term good old fashion counseling and parental love would have worked if these idiot parents and doctors didn't decide to stunt the kids brain growth with whatever new and improved cure all pill is out at the time.
What are we learning here?
Well if no one loves you and you react you have mental issues and if you act up you will be abandoned by those who obviously don't love you and there is no love in the world, because your mental. here

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