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Friday, November 22, 2013

Todays list of someones neighbors activities

Once again these neighbors could live near you!
Just imagine being successful, raising a family, being looked up at in a community between your career as a sheriff, your time in the military living to see 87 whole years on earth only to have you bratty 'adult' grandson kill you.
That's what Jeff David Steen, 40 year old did, he killed his 87 year old grampa and beat nearly to death the very woman who brought him into the world, his 62 year old mom. Why? He robbed them I guess, needed a few buck and then after he called it in to police. Sudden case of guilt? well, it proves he knew what he was doing. This can't be a case of I hate my family because Jeff Steen was forty and should have long moved away if that was the case. This is pure selfish motivation!
Now this I could relate to the behavior of someone on drugs, needing money though the article doesn't say the reason other than robbery, but why else would you become violent on your family like this?
I can say that those naked, growling, biting people, even if on drugs at the time, did not act that way because of drugs. This how ever can be fueled by drugs or needing more. Maybe he just hated them but I doubt he would have called the cops or turned himself in.
What are your neighbors up to? What kind of people are they? Do they carry an unsuspecting demon on their back?
Lack of empathy and conscience, although this guy did call the cops, and ever wondering devil roaming the earth to devour souls at others expense. Perhaps the time to shower yourself with God's light is now, while more and more kids, of all ages, are ready to strike.
Or maybe added to the mix they will find a bottle of zoloft or lithium in his cabinet. The perfect receptor for Satan.

and then...

We have a whole group of people fist fighting at a childs birthday party. Let's give who ever the birthday boy or girl is a day to remember! How do kids learn how to act appropriate or sort differences or when to sort differences if the adults have not learned yet?
According to this report someone's tires were slashed and who ever was thought to have slashed the tires (maybe, maybe not) was confronted right away. That make lots of immature bad guys there because anyone fist fighting with little children in the center of the arena are bad people. Yes, the kids had to be removed from the center of the fight. Any one slashing tires of a guest invited to this kiddies party (ages unavailable) is a bad bad person. What great point was made. Whose authority was it to invite the guest? The parents, and the guest have no right pushing their thoughts around.
What did they prove "ha, ha you'll never attend a party for lil johnny or janie again while I'm here, will ya" Typical uneducated, uncivilized behavior! Even at that very moment of tire slashing you wait and kick the persons ass at another time, not at the party or in front of the once excited kids celebration.
I am also noticing most of these incidences I read, like it or not, are happening in the black communities. Like the knock out games and the mobs. Most of the time when white people act hostile it's about drunk football fans. Not woman at a childs birthday party.
I find it noticeable. So I question why.
Know this, how you adults act is how your kids will learn. It doesn't take an education to know this fact. It doesn't take but a little unselfish consideration to know when and when not to act on something. Everyone of every color has the ability to 'understand' right from wrong. So if your culture is more violent and short tempered than others than that culture needs to look at each other and how you treat one another.
I doubt anyone will though. The fight will continue at home and all the lil johnnies and Janies will have to absorb the adults bickering for weeks. They will grow up to bicker and fight at all the wrong moments and on and on and on we go.....

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