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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why don't YOU leave US alone?

It seems Atheist are really feeling threatened, again. Seems they are going to great lengths to disturbs other who want to share good will and cheers. If you believe in people and not God you end up with an atheist! If you don't believe then why are you so taken back by a believer? Is it the numbers? There is more of us than you? Take a look at people! People are cruel. They steal, rape, beat and abandon children, the kill one another, they lie. That's what you want everyone to believe in?
Why the open debate and finding this cause worth more money than a cause such as feeding the poor. I know I read about a the guy that put up a huge bulletin in NY last christmas spent $25000,00 to have it there one week! Unbelievable. That's a lot of money to try to convince others there is no God. No one shoves it down your throat. Just walk away.
If there is no God then what are you afraid of? Your more divisive than any christian. Your those extremist! You know like the guy yelling from a corner about immorality and God? Well, your the extremist on the other side of the fence. Youre no better. The muslim who kills themselves while dragging other with him or the catholic priest raping little boys. All of you are ridiculous. All are the same.
But the true catholics, methodists, muslims and atheists that want peace, that incorporate their belief system into their own lives are not forcing it on others. But America was made by Christian as the East Muslims. If in fact it's a free country that has carried this traditional holiday for hundreds of years who are you to suddenly say it should just stop. Who are you to tell us to celebrate for just a sake of celebration without a cause behind it. What do you care while you're participating? I bet you do pass gifts, travel to see family, enjoy bonuses at work and some days off as well.  If you take God out of the equation, there is no reason to celebrate! May as well shit can the entire holiday. You Atheist shoulds step out of the holiday if you don't believe then stay home and pout. You have no right receiving the perks that come with this day since you don't believe in it.
The idea of GOD (which is not an idea) is a very personal relationship, and you have no authority over us to give that relationship up. Don't hide behind 'we want more atheist to come out', like you all are gay or something. You just want to divide people. That humanistic behavior is what you want us to believe in?
The world is becoming less Godly by the day, have you looked outside lately? I think most atheists don't believe not because of science or it is too far fetched to accept but because there is so much unfairness in the world, violence, starvation....evil..... that there could not possibly be a God? Well better look in the mirror because people are the cause of those things not God. Now that more people are dismissing God more of these things are happening. Coincidence?
If Hitler truly believed in a God do you think he could have killed all those people? Anyone who does kill in the name of God is using God to mask there murdering inspiration. That is all that is, because a true believer can not do such things, in fact they can't even think of doing such things let alone carry them out.
I'll keep my God thank you, you burn in hell with your people and you don't have to even leave the earth to find that place!
Now ironically, in case people did not know that shortly after Obama was elected in 2008 he welcomed the atheist leaders into the white house for dinner. Did you know that? And now these people have money and means to spread the word of selfishness and acceptance of immorality on a very large scale.
A design perhaps? Is it the socialist government that really encourages this? It came on rather suddenly if you think about it. This really only began stepping up publicly since Obama got in office as did gay marriage rights. What is the agenda? Well, makes it a lot easier to control a society with less people and it is easier to carry out a genocide if God is not in the equation.
You decide....but know this atheist, freedom from religion is not the same as not believing in a God! You place both in the same basket but religion does not make God. It is a means to serve God.

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