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Monday, November 18, 2013

Don't feed kids right, they may live

According to Dr Martha Rivera "we live in a society that loves to eat hot, spicy, not real foods" I agree. This is ok if your an adult and decides you want to destroy your health in careless ways, but don't you at least have an obligation to try to start your kids off right!
Remember the days when we told our kids "your not leaving the table until you eat those vegetables" Do kids even eat at tables anymore, let alone have ever heard those words?"
I think today is more like "we eat when I get to McDonalds, now go play your game" There are no more 'special treats' for kids anymore. According to one mom her son eats Flamin hot cheeto's at least 20-30 times a month. That's everyday. Not a Friday night, family night snack, but every day. Good going mom!
The only obstacle parents are seeing it seems is that these particular kind of cheetos are sending kids to the hospital because they really are flamin hot! What ever happened to the Apple or celery sticks! But ADHD lil Johnny might not eat it, and it cost money. If he isn't going to eat it and take a tantrum we should just give him what he wants with his "calm down while I get you your 'be a good boy' pill."
There is good news now though, the schools are withdrawing these flamin chips and other non food dietary because they say "there is no nutritional value" Really? How many years of education did it take the schools to figure that out? Maybe they should have consulted a grandmother to ask 'what would be of value to a child's health?"
Well now that schools will offer Apples I suppose they won't be wondering if it to may lack nutrition either, or is it a GMO foods?
Kiddies of tomorrow, don't ask about your future...if your mom's snacks and dinner don't kill ya, her okillocare insurance will! here

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