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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Who's driving this plane anyway

What a crazy, it will be alright, youre safe in our hands, get back on board story. I don't know if the passengers thought of it that way but that was my first thought...'are you kidding me?' Is there not a law against such unsafe practices as not knowing if the crew flying a plane is 'fit for duty' as one might say until after they are in the air?
AA airlines (I doubt I'll fly with them anytime soon, then again I don't fly for a number of reasons) was travelling from Brazil to Miami when it was felt a crew member (not a passenger) was not 'fit' to be a crew member. So they stopped...somewhere along the caribbean. The article doesn't say what really happened to make the crew member unfit, maybe he was only tired, but for the money you pay shouldn't it be absolutely safe?
If they delayed because of one crew member then because of that delay which caused another delay because the rest of the crew had to 'rest' I'd say they don't have their shit together and it's just all around a huge risk to get back on that plane! Remember your paying for this and it doesn't cost less than a vacation at disneyland!
It also goes on to say 'after refueling and picking up the new crew" crew? Pick them up from where, the bus station? Suddenly the whole crew is 'unfit' to fly? How often does this happen?
I want my money back and a boat to cross the rest of the ocean. Being in a plane with this old crew and then a new and improved crew just doesn't feel right! Why do I feel like a part of this experience is being left out? It has been so long since I flew (now I know why) maybe things changed. Do you pay more to experience unexpected thrill frightening delays now?
I wonder what happens when a crew is unfit half way to the moon? here

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