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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

One way Ticket for YOU!

So they are taking applications to send a civilian (anyone?) to Mars in 2025? Is this right? How much does this cost, just to apply I wonder? Maybe applying is free on account that if chosen to be the first pioneers of mars (so the human race can destroy yet a second planet) you won't be coming back and if anything goes wrong your on your own. Ya, it should be free! In fact the whole one way trip should be free!
Seems the first problem is getting someone there! You would think they would figure out that first. Second and what they appear to put as least important is Air. If I was taking a one way trip the first thing I would say is "can I breath?" I mean even if they decide they can live in a dome the rest of there lives, if there was a breach in the dome, they die!
If there was air on the planet and everything else when wrong, they would have a chance at surviving. They could walk around the planet, find things we on Earth have not. I wonder why they are choosing people to go before they can even get them there or know about the water supply. Gee, they make a huge plan based on a few pictures.
I have an Idea!!! What if we were to take ALL THAT MONEY it is costing for this adventure and FIX EARTH with it. WHERE THERE IS AIR AND PEOPLE ALREADY HERE!!!!
Oh, how ridiculous right? We already destroyed this planet beyond repair and people are like unmanageable cockroaches beyond the worth of saving. No, we want to take same said race and destroy something new. Earths playground is just no fun anymore, we need a new more challenging place to create, conquer and destroy! here

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