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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Could be a bad kid

Oh the woes with hormonal adolescent. Let's just admit when a good slap on the butt was taken away something had to replace it and a result like this would arise. Problem is this replacement is seen every day every where. It isn't the internet's fault either.....or is it? Is mom on the texting system and dad on porn sights a part of the problem? Is the fact that kids spend most of their time bonding with their delinquent friends or strangers while mom and dad, if there is a dad, ignore the duties of parenting?
I've read where parents are fighting in front of kids at the kids birthday parties, at kiddy ballgames and at walmart over cell phones. What do children learn, what molds them? Not these things, right? Now we have 15 year old girls beating up bus drivers, teachers in the class rooms, bullying other classmates, and let's not forget the knock out game. I even watched on a video where parents are not only attacking bus drivers themselves while defending the ground of their golden moronic adolescent child, but actually pitting there child and another together encouraging them to fight out their differences. Sometimes the kid doesn't even want to fight!
This 15 year old female is a poster girl of intelligent retardation. This girl is an untamed pittbull and needs more than an expulsion. This girls fear level of authorities is taken to a level that clearly displays a major potential danger to society in the future. This girl not only refused to respect an authoritive demand as if she is some special princess that deserves to do as she dam well pleases, but attacks the bus driver and tried to pull the taser out of a cops hands. I say tase that rabid dog!
These are a huge % of out of control kids today and from the words of God himself "Children shall rule the world" That always was a little scary for me. There is a natural order of things for a reason. Then again with Atheist promoting there is no God, woman becoming heads of households, gay marriages and all the contributes to have a lawless immoral self absorbed society what did we think these kids would become. All these things are not loving embraces. In fact many adults are placing the kids second to everything else giving them more time to just wonder about pushing all the lack of control in their own home life out against everyone around them.
The parents giving these kids toys, and games in place of attention then defends these dangerous brats out of guilt. If these are the kids of today, and the majority of them. The next generation is going to be a living hell! Well one last word from God before I end this article and that is "There will be an entire generation born with out a conscience" I think it has arrived!here

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