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Saturday, November 16, 2013

World gone crazy

Does anything bother anyone anymore? Think about it, these are our new age advertisements geared not towards the folks over forty who are more in NEED of health care, but rather younger healthier people who just want to act immoral. Apparently those behind the campaign to lead the lambs to the slaughter think so little of you, the average young American (graduates not responsible, just in dept) that this is the most creative they could get.
From what I gather the elderly and really sick will be gone by the time it matters if everyone has signed up to killocare, the new graduates ready to gain unemployment that will pay off their collage debt and support a future family, won't be. There pretty much telling you, there won't be any work save min wage jobs or at least not the kind of careers you thought you were getting.
It appears your not as educated as you thought if the insults these ads are giving, (to the young folks), are not pissing you off! Apparently your just glad about being able to get the pill, abortion, and drunk driving accidents and overdosing. Just keep texting while driving since ALL will be covered thanks to the government that thinks so highly of you 'common sheeple.' If your not angry then you are in the sphere of 'sheeple people' and you may consider saving a buck or two by NOT bothering insuring yourself because your dead already. You just don't know it yet!
Or you can go run to the keyboard, sign up so you can even PAY for your imminent intentional questionable deaths by the sociopathic (dare I say psychotic) Leaders who have only your best intention in mind. Just seems like it doesn't really take an education to figure out that if your living on Roman Noodles you'll NEED this insurance!
Here you are, if you have not had the amusement of seeing them yet. These are just two of many!

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