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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thank you for buying us presents

Anyone who invades another home to rob them are real losers but even worse than that is someone robbing a house at christmas and stealing christmas presents while the children these presents are for are present. When I read the article, my first thought was 'They are black' and then I read the article and to no surprise they have 'dark skin.'
The question is not if I am prejudiced or not, the question is 'why did I know that?' I suggest the black community start to look in a mirror. This not to say whites are not capable of this or have never done such a thing. They are and I am sure we can find some cracker that has stolen childrens christmas presents. It just seems blacks are more likely to do it. You can argue with me but it won't change the truth. I mean look at thier role models today Obamashithead and murderer mandela. Think about it! Both are criminals and I know Obamashithead is a theif.
Well, aside from bringing race into it, it is in itself just wrong, immoral and unholy. Which ever the race.
I can understand how this world made it easy for impressionable characters to do such a thing with out moral question. We have Atheist talking about how unimportant Christmas really is. Does this not bring about a moral obligation more around christmas than any other time of year? No, opposite.
Thanks Atheist. Your presents is felt! here

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