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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Safe Flying

Not only on AA airlines are the crew members 'unfit' to fly after they are in the air but now it seems Jet blue has issues with the plane itself falling apart. Where does all the money go we pay these airlines? Apparently not hiring stable help or repairing planes.
While in mid air, the evacuation slide opened. It exploded (pretty scary word) into the cabin and even pinned (another scary word) a steward or stewardess. That news came from a witness! The way reporting is suppose to be done. True stories rarely come from companies or those responsible but from shock fueled witnesses! 
Jet Blue says at no point did a door open or anything was hanging off the side of the plane but you know, if a plane begins to fall apart even from the inside, does it make you feel better? No one was hurt save for a shook up bumped up surprised flight attendant so all is well. I'm sure they just switched planes or taped up the problem upon the emergency landing and went about their way again.
Do the TSA still feel you up, laugh at your naked body and swab your DNA before boarding a broken plane with a questionably healthy crew anymore? What does it cost for all this inconvenience? here

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