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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Crazy End Days Weather

We all know how crazy insane the weather has become the past few years and intensifying has not slowed down one bit. I get a very uneasy feeling when a report of 60..(YES SIXTY)...tornado's touchdown almost at one.
Naturally we have heard that this happens, crazy weather effects of any kind, is due to the 'green effect' or 'global warming' and therefore the gov't must ask we pay a 'carbon tax' for this purpose. In essence 'tax on breathing' for global conditions. Then they can pretend they can do something about controlling the weather with that tax money. Like take a vacation or bribe another candidate to go along with some vote over for some other non existing condition on the planet. Who knows!
Either way, no one controls mother nature...or maybe they do with those chemtrails and HAARP machine! If they do cause these great monumental storms, or God is causing it, they are here and increasing.
I think it is worth talking about. Well here is the latest bad ass tornado that brought all the tornado family members with it, all 60 of them!

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