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Saturday, December 23, 2017

What I brought with me

I decided to put the woes of the world aside and think about my everlasting contribution. And if each one fails I still contributed more than some. Because with every breath of air is HOPE. Hope each day an addict, a thief, a bratty kid has to change. Hope that each person that wakes up after each sleep will see and embrace their true potential and purpose. Hope. I brought a lot of it and more will come from that which I brought!

What I brought with me...

I brought one in who still holds her looks,
I think she lost more than she took.
Another I brought with eyes of blue,
I wonder though if his pride will calm, 
so he can get what he is due.
Another I brought just like before,
He's quiet and shy but smart as could be,
He could cure a cause if he wanted too,
If only he could believe and see.
Trice now I brought another just like the others,
but a special breed of energy he does possess,
and he only need gain control and direct it for success.
The next I brought who surprised us all,
God caught him up, that was his call.
I will meet him one glorious day,
so there's not much else to say.
I brought yet another like the first,
thick hair and as smart as others too,
Attractive is she but less energy used,
If only a purpose worth reaching for,
She could find and desire to open that door.
Another I brought whose smile does shine,
Ambition and life she does not lack,
But I fear her trust could set her back.
The last I brought I do not know,
For his destiny was to fulfill and show,
another family love, so I let him go.
There are eight altogether, complete at this time,
I've passed on what I could, regrets are many,
I'll watch them bring in some more to shine,
and watch them raise them while I smirk to myself.
They won't see the personalities, the way I can see from here.
They are unaware they are raising themselves,
and now they can feel the fear, 
of loving such rebellion they will always hold dear.

Merry Christmas 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

How bad can it get, right?

Here are some stories and activities of those end time folks God warned us about. Let's see just how far they are taking things. How unholy has this domain we share become? Are we there yet?

 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.

The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the 

daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the 

daughter in law against her mother in law.

 And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up 

against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.

 Read the stories:
Cousins lure friends to house, on separate occasions, shoots them, robs them and attempts to sell their cars. Cold, manipulative, selfish, careless. ~Friends against Friends~
Two Penn State University Officials received a complaint about The University Coach Jerry Sandusky having been seen sexually molesting an underage boy in the shower, but the two 60 year old men simply told Sandusky not to bring the boys to the school. Jerry Sandusky is an old homo pervert who preyed on young boys by acting like a father figure. He mentored, deceived, molested and destroyed 10 boys lives over the years, and those are the ones officials are aware of.
A 60 yr old man has an argument with his neighbors and shoots them behind his house. His story was that he was threatened when they began to climb over the fence into his yard. Since there were no witnesses, he is free. ~Neighbor against neighbor~
Can anyone lower their morals, loyalty, and parental responsibility than this prostitute mother who would allow different old men to pay her to touch her seven year old daughter. And the men who paid are selfish, perverted group of soulless humans. ~Mother against Daughter~
A 33 yr old woman was basking in the attention she received for stabbing and killing the father of her children and stabbing her five children, killing four of them. Ages ranged from 2-10 years old. ~ Mother against Children and Spouse~

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Gestapo time of year

It's called healthcare! They open enrollment at the end of the year just before tax time. This way you won't be fined the following year. So, for now, I will get a fine. If I was in a church I could be exempt of the fine. Some clause about if you are against abortion and the pill you're exempt but it has to come from a church. I don't believe in abortion or the pill and had eight kids to prove it but apparently, it is only clusters of belief and not singular religious beliefs that count. I can't find a church to honor a written paper the Market people told me exist to convince the powers that be of my belief system. I guess I'll write my own declaration and see if that works. I considered turning Amish but I'm not sure I can meet the standards at this age.
I did my dutiful part calling that Marketplace to see what it would cost me and when giving my poverty (yes very low annual income) they asked if I could afford $110.00 a month. WTF????? NO!
I'm thinking Rent, Heat, Elec, the Internet (must have for work because everything is on the internet like just applying for a job these days), Cell phone (must have for my traveling job), Car payment (must have for my traveling job) and car insurance. Then there is gas for the car, hair shampoo, dish detergent, Toilet paper, cleaning supplies for home and that list can go on. All that for survival. I could get rid of my car but that would cost me my job that would cost me my home....But, I would be insured to see a doctor that I only see about once every ten years. Doesn't seem fair. If I live on the street I would need medical because I am sure my health would decline to sleep in the cold eating garbage.
It wasn't always like this!
When I was young and had half dozen kids under my foot I had more money than I do now that all are grown. I pondered this. I had Rent, Phone, Elec. You didn't have to pay heat or water or trash when renting. Cable was optional and I still don't have it. TV is a waste of intelligence. (Remember when TV was free!) Car insurance was not mandatory to have a registered automobile. There was no internet or cell phones ruling life as it is now. Life was free and less expensive. Oh yes, and drinking water came from the faucet, not a purchase of bottled water every week. When we pay for water now it is only to bath and do dishes with. You can't drink it anymore so you really pay for water twice. I have a headache just thinking about how complicated survival has become in America. Survival meaning just having a roof above your head with a toilet below you're ass.
And now we add Health Insurance to the list of mandatory survival costs.
I was really excited when my daughter offered to help pay my car off. This would happen around Feb. only months away and I would be freed up a few hundred dollars. I might be able to buy food on a regular basis at least. Nope. No Miss American, the government wants EVERYTHING! So now I simply replace a car payment with healthcare. If anything in my life goes repairs, or a move to another apartment I will have no tucked away savings because my healthy body could break down at anytime at any moment as it could have for the past 54 years and didn't. Still, we should prepare. The way I see it is that we are preparing to die rather than live. I just can't afford both. That is the key, Afford!
I do want health insurance. I'm not totally stupid. I understand that anything can happen at anytime and if it really was Affordable healthcare I would get it. But I can not afford $100.00 a month or more (for some it goes up to $600.00) with my other mandatory expenses. I suppose now that I'm done being a mom I could go to collage in an attempt at a job that pays enough to cover these costs while I incur a educational cost that will last the rest of my lifetime and god forbid I am unemployed for any amount of time then.
How does it end? In the same place I am now. Poverty. If I supersede these conditions they will just come up with something else to push me back down anyway.
I mean they are charging for air to breath now, right?