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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kill'm...naa don't...yes, Kill'm

The Judge granted Joseph Franklin a stay of his execution! Really, Why? ohhh, because Joseph is challenging that 'the drug Pentobarbital they use during his lethal injection would violate his constitutional right against cruel and unusual punishment' Not that the cruel and unusual punishment on his 22 victims matters. Why don't we just send the prick to Guantanamo bay.
Talk is, that the government doesn't belong in the business of killing! hmmm Since when? oh what ever, truly an eye for an eye doesn't count and as long as God saves Joseph, Joseph will remain a believer of God. Joseph said he would except what God dishes out. My kids say that to me when they're trying to worm there way out of something too! Stay on my good side saying "Yes, I deserve what ever punishment you give me mom" hoping I'll ease up. Ya, right Joseph. I think Joseph's view about God is all wrong and the pastors counseling him ought to just stop with the 'ask for forgiveness, you'll get forgiveness' crap. God doesn't buy the lie looser, If I can see your bullshit words are hollow, you can sure as hell know God does!
I don't get it. Let's just keep supporting this creep, and torturing his victims family members! I personally would be pissed. Tell him to pick another way, like HANGING or SHOOT HIM or, I never liked the idea of electrocution myself, it's a freaking mess to clean up I'm sure. But there are the other two ways to get a speedy, less painful, undeserved (apparently) end to this dirt bag who must be adjusting well in prison after all these years to want to stay there. Probably doesn't want to leave his husband even if the preteen he killed never gets a chance at love.
I'm just saying, there are other ways to kill a killer, just pick one and stop wasting societies time on trying to figure out just how much this man's useless existence in prison matters. IT DOESN'T!!!!!here

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