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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Conspiracy of Movies today

You've heard lately that movies have hidden messages like Batman and the name of a town called 'Sandy Hook' appearing before the Sandy Hook incident. If you watch a movie called Pontypool, this to has a scene where the girl says 'Sandy Hook, a hostage situation.' There are numerous movies and cartoon where you can find 911 clearly being hinted.
In a movie called Lovely Molly starring Johnny Lewis (the last movie he was in) made one year before his death you can see every element of his death. Drugs, insanity, violence, murder, attacking neighbors and biting. How could they have known? Is there something 'they' have put into the public making people act hostile and insane? After all, he wasn't the only one to succumb to whatever this is, or is it just a bizarre set of coincidences?
Some say, and I did watch a video about changing a persons behavior, by exposing them to certain frequencies. Noise we can't hear aloud but we hear it all the same. Think about the movie 'signal' where anyone watching tv is receiving some crazed behavior modification that turns them into murders with out reason. If something like this or a warfare chemical tested on us but was to spread rather than be contained we would end up like the 'crazies' or ultimately 'wwz'
The movie Pontypool was all about crazy people suddenly attacking for no reason and in that movie people were irrational, naked and biting. Exactly what has been happening since 2011 starting with Rudy Eugene. Coincidence?
I found while watching the movie 'The Hunger Games' that the theme of the movie was about the elite and wealthy government creating a game as an option to ensure the survival (such as it was) of the bloodlines of those that rebelled against the government during a past war. One girl or boy to play in some violent reality show. Think about this for a minute. Is this what they have planned for those who do this at a later time in the future. A threat or warning. Preparing us to accept being used in such a manner. After all, placing these things in our face through movies helps our minds except in reality what we have been watching in movies over time.
I think it is an interesting theory. Now that I am watching movies realizing this I can say from experience that I almost always find some subliminal message. Try actually listening to a movie sometime. Catch those small writings, times, numbers, themes and what is being said.
I will warn you though, you'll want to watch them but you'll barely enjoy them completely anymore. I know I don't.

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