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Friday, November 29, 2013

Sheeple Sales

Ok, stupid sheeple people. Oh did I insult you? Not sorry. If you were shopping yesterday or last night after Thanksgiving dinner or if you stood in a line all freaking day on Thanksgiving you are an idiot! First of all 'things' are not as important as being together ALL DAY! No one is going to say that their new phone or xbox is more important this year than the old ones they had last year because you went through the lengths you did to buy it as cheap as possible. And even risked death!
What is with you guys stabbing each other in the parking lot? Where is your head, you could have stabbed someone over a game system or TV! Is this what holidays mean now, a lack of knowing when to act violent?
People are fist fighting over a toy or item of any kind. Is this making your kids proud of you? I guess as the news says it isn't as bad as previous years since no one was trampled. Oh blessed are we!
The best part of your horrifying stupidity and addiction to capitalism is that there really isn't any 'worth dieing for sales'  ya there'll be some 'wow' sale, but I'll bet money not what you were thinking. Not only that but remember these stores are not doing you a favor, they are just clearing items getting ready for the new coming years improved items. Why do you think only certain items are on sale?
Richard Barry Chief merchandising officer for toys R us had this to say  "If you are a procrastinator out there and you're thinking you've got a long time before the holidays, you'd better shape up"
Really Barry? You pompous ass! What if I want to BAKE my gifts this year or MAKE my gifts this year? I better 'shape up?" What am I doing exactly? Shopping or running a holiday marathon? I'm so insulted! Maybe you should seriously start reading that bible. You think christmas is not christmas unless people get big, usually expensive gifts?
Shame on the low life that walks in with a few little packages and not tons of gigantic fork lifting boxes of all sizes.
I guess it just wouldn't be right if the a kid got a board game the entire family could play together or lil johnny got a book to read and not a new texting device or a new game system so mommy could sit around texting on her new device!
But really, isn't this what the Atheist want. A holiday with no God! 
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