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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

knock out game for kids

I don't think it is really just kids or teens unless people over 21 are considered kids. More like assholes. Just round them up together. These people feeling the need to express how much they love their fellow citizen have created a game doing just that and with it bringing the peace and love they want in their own lives. It is called the knockout game!
When playing, with other fun loving best buds, you simply have to randomly pick out anyone who happens to pass at the time and punch them in the face as hard as you can! The one who knocks them out with one punch wins!! What they win we do not know, but heck, who cares it's fun!
This time one of these asshole punched a 78 year old woman on her way home from shopping who was chosen to play. I wonder though if anyone playing the game ever hits someone their own age or size? I wonder if any of them have a gentle grandmother that survived more years than they are likely to. Witnessed three wars, a depression we have yet to see the likes of and blessed to see her extended great grandchildren born.
All this and the woman can no longer leave her front yard with out fear because of the new and improved generation of our end days.
Of course if the 'government' did not replace God with pharmaceuticals, and abolish the American flag and free speech. If they didn't let every illegal tom, dick and jose in the country just maybe there would standards for young people to follow as they grow up. But instead is that demonic entertainment, no rules, sex sex and more sex, same sex and atheist at the white house, anti veteran bullshit we have the results of an immoral purposely corrupted society.
How much more creative can kids get? here

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