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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Let us ask again........Dad?

Ok this is truly frightening. We never know who anyone really is, right? We have seen professional nanny's who good parents hire from an agency that abuses children right on camera. People you never think of. So that means we need to really be careful of who we leave our kids with and I do know this much, if some lady was living with the father, he should have had an idea if the child was comfortable around her. Then again how could dad know anything? He was to busy being a criminal to listen to a four year old. I am certain this abuse went on before the daddy went...again and jail.
This is a boy with no luck at all and whose parents should be sterile. Yup, I said it. Some people should just not be parents. This criminal jailbird (several times over) actually won custody from the kids mom? How bad was the mom? How stupid was the judge? Who gives custody to a man who has to have child protective services involved? How stupid was the social worker? "Oh, he is working...again?...and again he is working??......still working???" What a good guy! No need to say "look bitch, tell the asshole if he isn't here tomorrow the kids coming with me!!!!!"" How about that?
Let us say hi to a over shy boy who dares not say a word and take some girlfriends (not the mother remember) word for it he is ok. According to the officials the kid had bruises from head to toe. So, how did the very incompetent social worker not see something unusual on one of those visits?
Notice the only time a child is taken from a home is if the parents home schools them or have a very nice home. Maybe these criminal families are intimidating and the social workers are AFRAID to remove the boy. Imagine how the boy felt.
My heart sinks. Of all the people this child came in contact with on more than one occasion and everyone failed him. Just Sterilize these assholes. I doubt very much dad was any nicer of a man having chosen these woman to care for his son. Hope he enjoys his pity party in jail! here

Friday, June 20, 2014

What is the white house's purpose again?

I don't get it. Obama will be an actor after his presidency I bet. I guess my view of a president giving serious speeches and talking about politics have changed. Now they are dancing on gay shows and laughing on late night talk shows and attending the grammy awards? Or MTV awards? Can't remember. Anything but a serious well mannered respectful leader!
Now the white house. I see it as a place where great things are discussed and decided and the place our leader lives. Oh right, we don't have a leader so why should anything but politics be going on there.
Apparently they decided to hold the annual science fair at the white house. Is it just me or does anyone else see how much deep water our country is in. Do we really have time for this?
My answer is no. If Obama wanted to be on awards shows or a part of TV entertainment then he should have become an entertainer. If he wanted to be a scientist then go to nasa. He is the Leader of a country living in the WHITE HOUSE and chose to be a politician. So be one! That is what the White House is all about, politics.
He seems to do everything but serve our country.
Maybe, if one thinks about it, he can't! He is incompetent.
I, personally, do not recognize having a leader!  here

Money and Fame doesn't buy good parenting skills

People ask "why do I always find things/people to criticize, find something positive..."
My answer is "Have you read who I'm writing about or what I am writing about? And, there is little good left going on, or are you not paying attention?" It would take me all day to find an article to write about in this rosey happy world we live in, but I find zillions in the idiot zone. So I look at our mainstream media news. It is just easier. It isn't the 'right' things that need fixing is it? To be honest I am amazed over how ignorant the entire world has become including politicians, celebrities and our everyday neighbors. Writing about them helps me cope while I do everything possible to avoid interacting with anyone outside my own home. It is just to scarey.
A pig is a pig...
First of all you give a pig a million bucks, dress it up in gold and spray it with perfume. Heck give it a face lift too and the pig, how ever wealthy (like honey boo boo) it is, will still be just a pig. Like say.....Brandi Glanville. Frankley CPS should be called in on her ass and her children should be banned from ever seeing her again! But that only happens to poor people for less reasons than what this bitch does.
Her smile seems pretty. Maybe somebody finds her attractive. I would have been tricked into thinking she was a beautiful, talented star until.....she talked so lovingly about her sons, well,  one of them. The one who kisses her ass that is. The younger one who is 7 is apparently a funking asshole, a little fucker she completely expects will be in a rehab one day! Her words not mine. When my 7 year olds acted out my worst word would be "brat" or " A wild one."
Has she forgotten she is raising him. Does she want pity because his behavior (so she says) that brings this hatred towards him reflects solely on her head!
I also noticed how she praises the 11 year old brother because he doesn't do anything wrong (those are usually the worst) and even gives her a kiss when she asks for one. Really? How about you go over to the seven year old and YOU give him a kiss and while your at it a hug and apology! For all the money she has you would think she could afford parent classes. What a scumbag. If the average parent said those things in public the kid would be pulled from the home pronto, why is he still stuck with her? here
Stupid is as stupid does...
Then I read a comment from Brad Pitt and almost shit my pants. Aside from disagreeing with how they (Brad and Angie) tell their daughter it's ok to be boy when you grow up, like it's normal or something  I would think at least the nutritional obligation to children as parents would have been surpassed by these super golden parents. Nope. Brad said when they need to get these 6 kids up in a hurry they tell them to "Hurry up and drink that soda" WHAT? What good, smart, experienced (or not) parent gives any kid soda! oh, no caffeine is enough in this hustle bustle, we have time for our kids life.
Well Brad and Angie let me give you a newsflash, even coffee is better than soda although on some of your kids it will work in reverse and calm them down. So here is your answer from a very experienced mom by natural form...meaning no one had to teach me what is good or bad for a kid, I just knew as a parent. Give the kids vitamin B12. It won't kill them and they will get energy. They are probably lacking it anyway if soda is breakfast. The other means I did learn through life of parenting when school age hit, was to put them to bed early! They will wake up if they get enough sleep. I thought the pitt's were truly above honey boo boo scum.  Very disappointed. But that is OK, because it just keeps reminding me that they are really not all that special, just people who do stupid ass shit like the rest of society.  here

Prison is for stupid people not criminals, right?

Watch out for the New World Order that is so much closer than one thinks! Just ask Emma, she'll agree. The New World Order or NWO is just what it says, the world. It is an intention to create a socialist police (gov't) state with the same laws, money, religion etc, etc. in the whole wide world.
I think you will find that in order to accomplish this fear must dominate.  Emma is scared to death right now,  in Canada,  where she resides because apparently the new law of the land is that stupidity can land you in jail for LIFE! That's right, if you do something really dumb, as Emma admits she did, causing something fatal to happen unintentionally you do life in prison with murders, child molesters and gang members.
In this case I think the woman became stupid when her humanitarian emotion took over. How many people swerved to avoid hitting a dog only to run directly into a tree. Kinda like that. Emma saw cute, innocent, unprotected ducklings walking about the side of the highway (like a toddler or two have done) and she stopped to help them. The problem was she stopped on the left hand, fast paced side of the highway as a motorcycle sped down the road unable to stop before slamming into the back of her car. Killing both a dad and his daughter that were on the bike. It was a pretty stupid move.
The question is if she should go to prison for her eternal days on Earth because of it. She was not excessively speeding, on drugs or drunk. She was trying to save chicklings. Should their be mercy? Or OFF WITH HER HEAD! Because, after all, she is stupid. She was stupid and negligent. Not a druggy with a gun and a history of arrest. She never committed a crime before. Still, she was stupid.
So now know this: If your stupid or do something stupid that costs another their life you will be considered a danger to society forever. Well it could be worse, she could be living twenty years from now when they will be executing stupid people for less of an infraction. Might be just looking stupid will be enough.
I know what your thinking---A man and kid died for crying out loud, where is your sympathy?---- Well I am not saying don't punish her for this negligent act, but I don't think the rest of her life is necessary. She has to live with what she caused. That is a type of prison, a mental prison she will be in the rest of her life and can never escape from how ever free she is from bars. I think the reason she was being stupid should be taken into consideration. She has a heart. Not a criminal mind. here

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Today's list of someone's neighbors activities

Dad's can be so cool sometimes don't you think? And if your dad's a transvestite who sometimes prefer to be called "Christine" that must be even cooler!  Ask yourself if you have a man who lives next door named Christine, and if so would you honestly let your kids hang out there? Did the parents of the kids spending an innocent sleepover already know this? If I knew a daddy dressed up to pretend he was also mommy my kid wouldn't be 10 feet inside that house and I don't care how sweet and well mannered the kid was.
Well this daddy/mommy dude who doesn't know who he is also wants to be his 10 year olds bestie. So he bought her and her besties booze and got them stone drunk. Nice going daddy/mommy/bestie. He denies it but I doubt the girls would lie, all three of them.
So beware the daddy/mommy parent. If they can't figure out who they are how do they know appropriate behavior around kids or anyone really. Sounds prejudice doesn't it?
Your decision, it's your neighbor and your kids, but what on earth is the whole neighborhood clapping and cheering at his arrest. Did everyone know? Did a child have to be drunk to decide to put a stop to what they must have known what was going on. Did people not tell the parents of the visiting girls what he was like, not to trust him?
It is obvious the parents had no clue OR they didn't want to be pegged as prejudice by others and trusted the daddy/mommy/bestie guy. Wouldn't want to be frowned upon by the world for thinking "something wrong with him" after all, it's just his lifestyle. It's normal behavior these days. Was the mommy or mommy/daddy supposed to be present? They make no mention of the other half.
I wonder if I have any daddy/mommy/besties in my neighborhood? I don't think I have seen any of these unusual creatures around. And yes they are unusual no matter how much society paints them as normal!   here

Then there are the domestic hit hiring murdering child abusing neighbors. Seems everyone has someone in the neighborhood abusing a child or trying to kill someone. Is this normal too? Apparently a 20 year old was at work when a boyfriend accidentally killed his girlfriend's toddler. She moves in with another guy friend? Where is the family anymore, like our parents, siblings? No, woman in distress moves in with yet another guy!
Well, she needs someone to seduce into killing the man who killed her son. How she knew how to get away with it with out being caught but not wanting to do it herself or play any role in the scheme tells us a lot. What ever you do beware the neighbor who asks for BIG BIG BIG favors, especially the ones they can do themselves but won't!
How though she could not show emotion and even comfort the crying ex boyfriend who is experiencing remorse over the loss while plotting his demise is beyond me. Sneaky snake. What if she beat her kid and the kid happened to choke while the good boyfriend happened to be there. The bruises are from mommy! Maybe that's why she wasn't fazed by the death of her son, but the boyfriend is. Like all cowards she can beat a small child but not kill a grown man.
So much drama at the neighbors. here

'Breaking Bad' is just so good

Every so often my adult kids come to me asking "Have you watched the show Breaking Bad yet?"  The answer is always "no, why would I watch a show glorifying a meth dealer" They try to tell me how great it is and how there is a storyline to it and not what I think. Well, as I understand it a teacher goes broke and decides to manufacture meth to get out of debt. Do I have the lay out correct?
My argument is how ever they try to twist this series it's core is about making meth. Drugs and some great guy falling into the drug production and I don't need to hear more than this to know I am not interested. I remember caving in recently and watching the first show in the series "Orange to Black" (or something like that) against my better judgement. Sure enough I thought "oh it isn't bad, there's a story to it" until I reached the scene of a woman doing (guess) to another woman and it was in plain view! This is a TV series? Are you kidding? When did TV turn into Porn? Why is this in my face? I never watched another episode.
So, no thank you on glorifying Meth manufacturing because there is some story line to it. I am not saying there is sex, I am saying "What message does this send out?" 
And here it is, a new Heroine manufacturer calling his new and improved Heroin "Breaking Bad" I wonder where he got that name? So far it has only killed people. I know...I understand...Breaking Bad the series is about Meth, not Heroine. Daaa.
I end this by saying Ignorance is Bliss and you just never know how some idiot will take a series like Breaking Bad, the name of the heroin is all I need to justify my view.  here

The tangled webs we weave

I'm confused. I know transgenders are confused but I know what I am and listening to them confuses me about life in general. Youre born a boy, you have a dick yet you demand everyone accepts you as a girl? Including the DMV and the girls in school and the girls bathroom.
How's that?!
I say this with a cause in mind from two separate articles. I agree if you are 16 of age you know pretty much which direction you are going in. Great, but has anyone explained cause and effect to these kids. There is a reason God made genders. One for reproduction purposes and two so that we could tell who is who.
A boy wants to dress up as a girl (as in his life he does) and get a drivers licence picture. The problem is understandable. I say if your dick still hangs and you haven't had a sex change you're still a dude. None the less if you're a boy (regardless of how you like to dress and act) then you need to take off the costume and respect the authorities. All I am saying is this entire immoral 'Do what thou wilt' is creating a more unsettling and confusing atmosphere on the planet. I can not agree with it and should not be forced to. I respect any living person as a human being but I don't have to accept how they live. I will not bully, insult or antagonize a person. I don't care what you are or how you live but there are lines to be drawn and the DMV has drawn there's. It is the way it is. The same goes for a muslim woman hiding her face at the DMV. Take the scarf off. Same difference. Leave your costume at the door and stop thinking everyone should change things just for your sweet ass. You are not that special.
Then there is the 5 year old boy. He is a BOY, mommy! In fact this mommy is unfit! It is obvious to me she wanted a girl and persuaded her child son to be one. She has now brainwashed this boy into thinking it is A OK where ever he is and everyone will accept this one way or another. When my daughter puts on make up my 3 year old grandson watches and imitates her. Does it mean he knows he wants to be a girl? No. If a little boy spends all his time with a mother he will learn to cook, imitate her make up sessions and might even take up embroidery. It does not mean he will not find an interest in sports or girls as he grows out of those dresses mommy has encouraged the "Do what thy wilt" lesson, which is satanic by the way.
What on earth will she possibly tell him later if he starts liking girls in another way. Right now he doesn't know any different, It's like a continuous costume party for him and for mommy it's cute. But when puberty hits, no one really knows. The boy could do a hundred degree turn and in the end find himself in a very confusing position and compromised emotional mind set. He could end up resenting his mother beyond repair. Boys won't be his best friend and girls won't want to date him. What then?
When my son was about two my daughter used to dress him in dresses for play, we laughed about what a cute girl he would make. After playtime he wore his pants again. My son has more girlfriends than he knows what to do with and loves to cook. He knows how to sew his clothes to patch them, add a button that fell off and loves babies. He is a man still. If we decided "hey, he likes dresses let us tell him it's ok" We have just encouraged a boy into thinking he can be a girl before he ever had a chance to decide.
Now a days when girls climb trees or have more boy besties and like to play baseball more than dolls it means she will be a lesbian and this people, is a lie. Tom boys are adorable but it does not mean they will want to be a man. If, like the pitts daughter, it is encouraged and treat the child like the opposite gender of who they are, they will assume it is who they will always be. You are messing with mother nature. Not everyone is this fucked up. Don't assume your cute tyke has carved their mark in life at the age of 5.
This takes us to the bathroom debate. What a joke, pampering this mommy who fights to keep her son a daughter. Who is she to force other little girls to accept and understand how ever confusing they find it. The kid is a boy! Go to the boys bathroom! Take your costume off! Why should all of society have to alter the natural laws of life for your special asses! What is he/she going to do when he/she is a teenager? The mommy says she understands how uncomfortable it could get.....and that's it. She doesn't care how uncomfortable it will get. In fact she has NO CLUE how uncomfortable this could get in his and her future. Wait until Jr high! She is counting on everyone just being used to it and accepting it by that time. She is counting on the moral decline of society to really be in place by then. What a unholy bitch!
Best to teach them consequences and responsibilities for the actions they take now and stop teaching them that the world revolves around their every desire. Let the little ones know the difference between girls and boys and draw the line until, they later in life decide to cross it. Then accept it. At least it will be THEIR choice and not your's making it for them.
here and here

Brad Pitts Greatest Masterpiece WWZ

I'm so tired I probably should wait to write this, but I like to do things fresh on my mind as distorted as I may feel. This article is more serious than I have taken the others because of the content of this movie, World War Z. It scared the bejeebers out of me but not in a traditional sense.
 I carefully looked beyond my yard after pausing the movie to let my dog out and heard teenagers being teenagers in yards behind my yard. We are all connected. I thought 'what if?' someone or many ones just ran up on me and I barely made it back through the door having to leave my dog helpless to replace my coming attack. Yek!
Why would I think that? In Brads movie we were never privy to the little white dogs attack so why would I have assumed my dog would be attacked? I'll tell you. Because in real life dogs are attacked. Either Brad knows more than us or he is extremely lucky in his accuracy of how these unfortunate souls function in real life. I know he produced the movie off a book already written but I am told by my kids who read the book it was lacking much compared to the film. I didn't read it myself. I can't read a book after a movie. One or the other gets ruined.
US-Korea-Israel-India. They never do say where it originated and it would have been anyones guess and less exciting to travel to Canada-China-UK. Those are the places I am aware of but I know it could be everywhere, anywhere.
Avian flu-Rabies-Spanish Flu. The do not tell us how it was born but it was interesting to hear the word Rabies, this was one of my first considerations while trying to connect the dots between people and places. Overseas did not seem likely so I considered vaccines against  illness, such as a flu vaccine. A bad batch or a deliberate attempt to start some apocalypse from a mad scientist. If it was the government trying to produce a new way to divide and kill it would be a lame attempt and too slow. It could be something created by the government accidentally leaked as suggested in the movie 'the crazies' through the water supply or yet another thought was that we were public test soldiers, super soldiers that could not be taken down and either it is out of control or to well controlled. If a soldier were to be shot three times before even indicating a fall to the ground it would benefit any army, don't ya think? Primal, painless, strong, fast soldiers. Why waste Ammo just release them! One could also question why the powers that be are stockpiling weapons and bullets. We assume it to be a socialist agenda being prepared to overtake society, but what if it was something else?
Certainly the media has only methodically leaked a few cases while twisting facts around. Gosh, how stupid are people not to notice the lack of details and follow ups.
Brad Pitts movie showed fast moving, decaying, slamming heads, super strength, jumping, biting insane people portrayed as dead alive. The only mistake he made I could see was his use of the word Z or Zombie. In real life this is not at all what we are up against, and so far not in large numbers thank God. In real life they are well alive. The idea they change in 12 seconds to 10 or maybe 15 minutes is very accurate as well. We know Johnny Lewis shook hands with neighbors and left only to return 15 minutes later to attack three people who had to barricade themselves and described punching lewis as 'swatting a fly' he did not feel anything but certainly wanted to tear something, anything (cat) apart. No discriminating.
Most real life cases have had super strength, were fast, biting, banging their heads, climbing and jumping to their death, or on one particular occasion got back up and ran with broken limbs in tow. These description are uncanny to the Z movies.
If we want to bring more reality into real life (like there isn't enough already) let's talk about the movie Pontypool. Not only do they mention the deliberate orchestration of Sandy Hook but they describe people naked, biting and attacking like crazy people an entire community. Naked and biting caught my ears. They indicated disorientation with speech prior to snapping and as we saw with one of the characters rather suddenly. 12 seconds maybe?
If, according to WWZ, you are ill your safe but in real life I don't think it matters. Does noise bother these poor souls in real life or is there a frequency causing this odd behavior as indicated in the movie Signal. I think it may be safer to stay on the path of a toxic substance created and released (deliberate or not) into random citizens.
I am not sure if the truth will ever be known since the media are fools and no longer understand their job. As long as they hide or twist facts, or forget to do (permitted?) follow ups how can we the public know what to look for in our inner circle before someone pops off on us. Is it contagious? Unlikely since they appear and disappear. Rudy Eugene's girl gave interviews and supposively Poppo survived after the attack. But my Question about Poppo is wheres that movie? That would make a real life horror story. How could it end though? There are no answers as to why it happened at all.
In real life before World War Z I was already crossing the street when I see another person approaching, just in case. I suggest you do the same! Whatever is causing it people are still being affected and the movies may have more of a reality than just entertainment.
So all I can say is "Be prepared for anything"
I'm locking my windows now and going to bed....... with my dog!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Amusement parks aren't what the used to be

....thanks to more parents of the year who raised their kids just like them. Where do they come from? There have always been bad parents but it seems there are more and more of these selfish, can do no wrong, overprotective, under attentive parents. Do they ever even consider what jack asses they look like? These ignorant bonding parasites have so little knowledge of right and wrong how could we ever expect them to respect the influence they have on others, including small tots at an amusement park.
My heart sinks more for this incident than others I have read because I grew up there. I went as a child to Canobie Lake Park as do my grandchildren now! The parasites have crept into every small cranny in America, probably the world!
Let us review. Parents take their teens to the park for a day of family fun. The problem is that these fun loving family kids are carrying knifes into the park. Why? Well, we will never know. They were all instructed to 'leave the knifes in the car' (What??? How about HOME????) but instead they all attacked the cops, jumping, hitting and rebelling like your average teenager (and dad's),(these days) do. Subsequently they all got locked up and when mom realized the state of things she faked a seizure of all things. What a laugh that must of been. The embarrassment one must face as a parent doing parental duties trying to protect the parasites she birthed. I just can't believe the father participated as well.
What ever happened to families like 'the waltons' and why do I believe we should still expect to behave like the waltons!

Let's Bribe and Brand our kids

The world just seems to be getting crazier and crazier. Here is a weirdo woman with red dyed hair, sorry but I find that irresponsible in itself, who admittedly loves fire. By the comment she made to her young children she must not have been playing with it much lately and decided to light a stick and burn a mark onto her children. That's when she said "I forgot how much I like fire!"
In return for torturing her children they would receive an ice cream. I bet once the first child began screaming bloody murder the rest did not see the ice cream as a suitable reward and began to scatter. That's when mom of the year grabbed them by the hair and hit them into submission no doubt.
She wanted to know they were HER rightful children....and she wouldn't why???
I shudder to think of this woman at bed side when I am ill. She is a nurse of course.
There could be a great lesson for the kids to come from this after all. I bet no stranger will be able to bribe these kids with goodies! Maybe in some warped way this mom just may have saved one of her children from a future abduction! One must try to look at the bright side of these dark insane situations and minds of those around us I always say.