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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Whitney and Bobbi Christina Brown

Seriously? Are we believing the story about Bobbi C. Brown? What astronomic odds is it she literally follows her mothers footsteps all the way to the bath tub? I have to question this. Drugs, accidental overdose and submerged in a tub of water can not play out twice the exact same way with in a three year span. If we take into account the money little Bobbi inherited from Whitney there may be more a reason indicated than mere 'coincidence' and I know I am not the only one pondering this thought. We are talking about those in the satanic world of illuminating, puppeteering, poop eating, pee drinking, gay elite entertainers. God knows what these people with enough money and connections to get out of anything combined with a sociopath bloodline are capable of.
We can consider Suge Knight who hit and ran over a person outside a Burger place and left. Murder charges ensues only to find that the surveillance cameras just happened not to be working on that particular night. That is how they do things. No surveillance, no witnesses (or bought off witnesses) = freedom. Money and connections.
Is it possible that big bobby's son in law thought how much money he could get if little Bobbi was not there. Two dead Browns in three years on drugs in a bathtub. I know a lot, or have known many drug addicts but I have never heard of them drowning in a tub. When big big inheritance is due the husband one must think about it, assuming she left his money to him. With out any children that is the acceptable assumption.
She is currently in a induced coma and breathing by machine. Does not look promising. Funny thing is no drugs were found inside the house where she died. Maybe it was time for the husband or dad to make a sacrifice to further their career. Why not choose someone they stand to make a lot of money from at the same time. I don't think love and fame can smoothly enter a space together. I hope there is an investigation by those who may have cared about Bobbi and Whitney just a little. If Bobbi Christina does make it out alive and mentally functioning I suggest to her to leave her ambitions and Hollywood, get on a plane headed to a place she can make a humble life for herself while cutting all ties to those she knows. Your best chance at living in peace is to be a nobody like us simple folk. HERE

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