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Monday, November 18, 2013

Don't flag me down, just take them down

Once again there is never a cop where they should be! I say this because it seems they have a knack for being behind you unsuspecting when your driving down a highway, always ready to pull people over and ready to kick you out of a park or street corner if your exorcising free speech but where are they when black mobs are raiding a convenient store, or a group of young people are beating the crap out of one poor guy for being white, black, jewish, asian, alien! Not where it counts apparently.
I say this because while reading a story about a bunch of flags (you know, the kind that support your country kind of flags) that were displayed along an apparently large park, as the rotary club did five times a year, every year, someone or ones vandalized them. They tore them up, bent poles and just plain got nasty on each one of those flags! How much effort was put into this destruction? Well, there were 74 flags in all. That takes time and effort. Time enough I should think to be seen and get caught.
But no persons saw them, no officer on patrol passed by in the time it takes to get violent on 74 animated object at the park at night. Beware folks, you don't want to be alone walking in that park at night.
Who were these vandals? Teens, young gangs. Americans? Why would you do this anyway? Boredom? This is the end days and what has our young people got on their minds? Disrespecting their own country. With all the removal of flags from authority figures in many communities around the states this incident shows you exactly what mind set it is causing among the young.
This is a generation born without conscience. We can say at least young people had a cause during the sixties, they protested with reasons. They wanted to change the state of things in their country. They were against the government itself, the establishment because they recognized what it stood for.
Today the kids just carelessly hate America and don't even know why. It is one thing to tear a flag with some purpose but to tear a flag for no purpose gives us a most degenerated, animalist state of existence.
I think right now there is more to fight for, to protest against, to demand for the people than there was in  the 60's because America is literally on her death bed and it's government is the cause. The kids that tore up these flags (and kids like them all across these great states) are the very reason the cause is getting away with killing her. ~~~~~
I implore you, young people, to stop vandalizing America herself and seek what is polluting her. Stand behind the flag, and direct your energies in the open, not in the middle of the night hidden by darkness, and pick up a cause that makes a difference. Try picking up the flag and defending it. Sadley you can't. You can't defend something if you lack passion for it to begin with. You don't even know what America is. You probably can't even spell it!
One day you'll have that patriotic passion, oh yes, mark my words! One day you will. By then how ever, you'll be in a fema camp denying God on your way to a guillotine or gas chamber.
You'll say "they can't do this to me" because it's always about only you.
And then they'll be no more flamin hot cheetos, mc D's burgers and grand theft auto, for you!

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