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Monday, November 18, 2013

O why O why Obama

What a freaking piece off poopoo on the bottom of my shoe! Yes, I am describing our current president, obaashithead....o that's a bit long, but true! Apparently the Gettysburg celebration is getting under way and as important a symbol of freedom of America it is, Obaashithead is busy that day. With what we do not know and unlikely ever will.
He does how ever feel a great deal of effort should go into choosing a replacement for himself. He chooses (I am certain he thought long and hard about it) an unknown interior secretary who has worked for Obaaashithead for less than a year now. I bet this Sally chick is all excited and proud and completely unaware (as sheeple are) that no one wants her there or cares about what she has to say as she proudly steps up in a president's place. She should be refusing to go, I would, but then again jobs of this stature are hard to come by. God forbid we step up and take a loss for what's right.
Does this really surprise you people? Sheeple? Folks? It doesn't me. Obaashithead is a socioalist/communist and HATES AMERICA! He couldn't say it clear enough post his first election. And he is black! Think about it, should the first black president want to participate in a freedom celebration of this calabra, for with out FREEDOM he never would have been president. But why worry, we never voted him in anyway....The bilderbergs, elitist, illuminati...they did!
Wake up people. Isn't your face swollen red enough from on the slaps Obaashithead has given you? This is just another slap in the face, I suppose most people do keep their eyes shut when someones slaps them. It's kind of a reflex! Theres always a pill to make you forget and feel better about the pain and injustice anyway. That's why those cool little cure all pills were created. Maybe if you stopped popping legal drugs you could slap back! here

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