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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Today's list of someone's neighbors activities

When did the world become so cold and stupid? This woman lives next to someone, maybe you. One must wonder where the mummy dog and fellow siblings to this lone newborn of only two weeks is. This puppy was so young and vulnerable that it had not even opened the eyes yet to see a hazy glimpse of the world, and sadly it never would. This woman who must be one of the dumbest people on earth attempted to board a plane with this tiny tot in her carry on bag. She was caught, of course. How in this day and age of airport security did she think she could pull this off?  So what does she do? A dilemma to say the least. Now there are a lot of people at an airport and not everyone is there to catch a plane out, some are flying in and many people are waiting for others or dropping them off. What would be the odds she could have handed this tiny pup to someone, especially if she told them her intent if someone did not take the little puppy? But did she attempt this before she does the unthinkable? Feeling trapped and alone like a single mom of today's end times she does what many parents have done,  she drowned the puppy in the airport bathroom! Imagine that! Let us hope her neighbors don't offer her any puppies they might have to give away when she is released from jail, It appears she missed that flight after all and this puppy death is truly and ultimately a complete waste of precious life. HERE

Many neighbors we have has teenagers in their family and somehow in these end days we are no longer surprised much by what we have found them capable of doing. So when a story about a young 16 year old meeting another boy close to his age for an apparent drug deal that goes horribly wrong ending in the shooting death of the dealer, I guess we say 'what a shame' but not all that surprised, it happens everyday. But to look at this kid who really looks twelve and not sixteen, innocent boy face who acted like a mean gang member I am surprised for some reason. My big question is not how a boy shot another boy but where did he get the gun? Older brother, incompetent dad or a friend? They don't say. Maybe his older sister knew where to get a gun since she decided to threaten a witness to this crime in an effort to help her baby brother. Seems like the whole family has been raised aggressors. You would think the civilized society are just like a pack of wolves pushing their weight around like a survival of the fittest living in a jungle. Well, these are someones siblings of a neighbor that may live near you. Considering all they do in this one situation it probably isn't the first indication they are bad apples. Their neighbors are probably glad the neighbor brats are out of the neighborhood for awhile. HERE

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Lunch box debate

There were a couple things I was thinking after reading this story. First reaction would be 'shame on that teacher, a sub at that, for interfering and sending a note home scolding the parent for the lunch they chose for their little girl'. How bad could the lunch be? Well, parents are pretty stupid these days. She might have meant well. Was she over sensitive about healthy eating, or a nutritional nut case? Was she just needing to show superior control over her position as a teacher? So I read on seeking to find what the big fuss was about.
I burst out laughing when I read that the father of the 8 year old second grader was a DOCTOR and one specializing in obesity Medicine at that. Something along the lines of having expert knowledge in health. The child according to daddy is a very independent girl who knows what's best for her even with out life's experience or the kind of education dad received. Certainly dad taught her the basics of his knowledge, right? Wrong. Pickles, string cheese and ham meat are great! You don't need bread to supply a good meal. I agree and try not to eat it myself. But it was the idea of four chocolate bars that had me laughing and understanding where the teacher was coming from. Really dad? Four and a bag of marshmallows? As a doctor should he know that one chocolate bar is suffice. Does he know chocolate that is ate on a regular basis or in large amounts (like any sugar products) not only causes obesity but also depression.
This dad who obviously doesn't understand the old school of raising kids when a parent monitored and insisted, not compromised with the children. The old school upbringing of kids resulted in respect, something these new improved techniques of self sufficient and independent decision making children as the doctor implores, are failing at everything in life that really matters. Look around at these kids today. Even the best or most successful collage kids are self absorbed sheeple who know everything they decide themselves they know.
Selfies, loose sex, abortions, sleeping with both sexes very acceptable and the only way a person defines there worth in life is through monetary riches. Sorry but that is what I see in today's culture of new age child rearing where dad doesn't really have the say so anymore, he just compromises all the time. He thinks he is molding a reliable thinking machine whose independence relieves him of his parental duties. He isn't even just spoiling the kid he is forfeiting his parental obligation all together. Wait until she's 16. She won't listen to one word he says later in life because at the age of 8 dad said 'we leave it up to her' Why would you leave anything up to an eight year old? I bet she'll be ready to vote by the age of 12.
A scripture I read once said that children will rule the world. I marveled at that statement (I don't remember which verse and chapter) thinking what that could mean? Now I know when parents decided kids know best. I dread the next generation coming with so many parents who think they are super parents by treating the children like short adults, when really they just don't want to be bothered guiding them by telling them 'NO' but instead say 'Let's make a deal'. It seems to me that this child bringing not one but four chocolate bars (AKA:CANDY BARS) and a bag of marshmallows may not be ready to make decisions for herself just yet.
I guess if they are independent for their age....or is that neglected.....or demanding little spoiled brats redefined by using a big mature sounding word like 'independent'? For instance: 'She isn't neglected, she's independent' or 'She isn't spoiled or demanding she is just very independent'
The child, as any child does know, candy bars and marshmallows are exactly what's desired over what any school lunch has to offer! If you were a kid, what would you choose?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Free Range Kids?

A mile is a long way for a 10 and 6 year old. These parents need a visit from from John Walsh whose child only went to look at a toy in the store with adults everywhere including his mother who was nearby. I guess if we label their missing child as free range child, abductors would know to stay away from him. What is a free range child anyway? A new age term for lazy parenting?
These kids were permitted (more than a few times I am sure) to walk together one mile to play unattended at the park and walk one mile back home again. They are Free Range kids the mother says. Like cattle.
The mother also says 'The world is actually a safer place than when I was a child...' Really mom? What bubble do you live in? She sounds free ranged deranged if you ask me. I guess she doesn't read the news much or if we don't see it, it doesn't happen may be her motto. It is cool to think with such ignorance and blindness if your not thinking for the kids. So the cops brought the kids home and explained the real reality of living on Earth during the end times but since they feel it is just a form of harassment and controlled child rearing the officer obviously felt they were just stupid and this kind of stupidity could cost the kids their lives so CPS is now involved. I am not a fan of CPS but a class in 'abduction: How to avoid the rising problem" may be a good class for these lazy ass parents who didn't want to take the kids to the park. But why should they? It's safer today than it was twenty or thirty years ago, right?
Strange the cute words we invent to replace those naughty ones, like free range kids in place of neglected. Independent thinker verses spoiled brat, or free thinkers vs bully. Well I just making shit up as I go but then so are these parents.
Good luck kiddies with your parents teaching you to trust the world everyone else can clearly see has gone bat shit crazy! I hope you make it through life with out anyone imposing that nearly non existent violent strange behavior of the general populace. Remember what mom and dad told you "there are no missing little kids, no mad neighbors on crack or big pharma exposing themselves in parks and no pedophiles watching you from across the street. Those people live somewhere else, those people are few and far between."
Parenting is such a demanding job, you know, doing things like bringing your kids to the park an all. HERE

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shhh, don't mention the kids

We know some disturbed parents steal, steal with the kids present and even use the kids to steal, not out of reach for this unusual couple who shoplifted but at least had the decency to leave the kids with a semi-adult in the car while they did the illegal deed. The laughable part of this story is what the boyfriend and girlfriend shoplifted. They attempted to steal $600.00 worth of auto supplies. Really? How exactly do we do that? Where do we put all this stuff? Just walk out of wal-mart with a big basket full of goods? I'm confused.
Predictably, and not so laughable, they were caught, arrested and hauled away while the semi adult sitting with the kids in the car just walked away leaving three innocent children waiting, and waiting, and waiting. If that isn't bad enough the detained couple never mentioned they had kids in the parking lot waiting, and waiting and waiting.
These kids waited seven hours before a customer spotted the kids crying in the car. That was at 2 AM. How cruel can a parent be! How cruel could that stupid semi adult be? It is obvious the couple assumed the semi adult, a nineteen year old cousin, would take of the kids if anything happened, so why mention the kids and look worse than they already do. They didn't take much time planning the consequences if something went wrong. I guess a lot of people get away with stealing that much auto crap and get away with it, why should anything go wrong? People do this sort of thing all the time, right?
So the mother is arrested for grand theft with the boyfriend and then again for neglect charges. So what does she tell the courts "but your honor I have three kids and I'm pregnant" What does the judge do? Release them of course.
Does anyone see what's wrong with this picture?
Was it the three kids she left in the car for seven hours while she robbed a store or the pregnancy that won the judges heart over? I'm so confused. Is there such a thing as consequences anymore? I'm sure the kids will be back to their safe, protected, stable, honest upbringing soon enough.  Here

Sibling Rivalry

With kids like these why would you leave town at all! Once again we have over confident parents who think the kids are adult enough. Having the oldest child babysit the younger siblings is common enough if you work an eight hour shift, but when both parents are on a trucking job out of state I think there are limits to adolescent babysitting!
So the sixteen year old boy can handle his fifteen year old sister? Two things happen when your that close in age, at that age. One is you will either fight like dogs and cats or two you will be the closest besties. After reading this article I think the parents should have had a clue as to which was happening between these kids. Then you have the 11 year old sister who is brainwashing material who probably looks up to her big sister like a mentor and will go along with just about anything, in this case everything. Then there's the toddler tornado who hasn't got a clue about taking sides. Things just happen around the child, in this case death.
The big brother beats up the mouthy sister and having had enough locked her in her room. Maybe he does it all the time, maybe he is a bully or maybe the girl is a nag, aggravating and defiant. Why lock her in her room? Maybe dad told the boy no one leaves the house and the son simply used force to exercise that rule when bratty little sister insists on breaking it. Who is he to tell her what to do, even if dad told him to tell her what to do? She can do what she wants, it isn't like he is her father after all. This tells us how important mom and dad really are while they are leaving the kids to fend for themselves.
So big brother falls asleep, and the sister coaxes the littler sister to let her out. How she managed to get the littler sister to go along with the rest shows how attention starved that eleven year is. Maybe she doesn't like big brother making her go to sleep at the appropriate time or takes over the only TV to play video games leaving her board stiff. If he was gone they could play video games themselves all they want when mom and dad are gone! So they shoot him!
The next question is why would parents leave a gun anywhere in the house with teenagers and kids of all ages, many of them, while they are alone overnight or two?
So the girls strategically wait for big bro to fall asleep on the couch, sneak to where they knew the gun was going to be, then quietly tiptoed into the living room and shot the brother dead where he slept on the couch. Can't get any more premeditated than that!
Then they walk four miles and calls a friend and eventually they were caught. Mean while at the home where the dead brother is a toddler is roaming around and forgotten? Did the girls take the little baby, doesn't say that. If fact, it never mentions there is a toddler until the very end.
So here we are with another great father knows best family, living the American dream and the common selfish lifestyles parents seem to be adopting as a way of life. Me, Me, Me and you kids behave, ok? I guess now they are slapped with the reality that parents really are needed when kids are involved!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Poo Poo Drinking sludge

According to Bill Gates you can drink poop. Ya, you heard it right poop from your bum! Soon bum poo water will be coming out of your faucet and into your baby's formula, your child's kool-aid and your coffie. I wonder how long before I can no longer trust the bottled water. I thought chancing drinking out of a plastic bottle was enough but now.....!!!!!!
Bill Gates is promoting a machine that two sick minded engineers invented that takes gross smelling smooshy or logged poop and through a process becomes sparkling clean healthy water. Bill Gates even pretends to drink this shit water! ewwww! I knew Bill Gates was gross but never expected to see him do that (even if it was real non poopy water made special for the elite hogs).
The kicker is how they go into how much money the enterprise that owns this death machine will make, lots of cash. Like money from outputs, electricity, water and ash. Ash? Sounds yummy. Money, money, money. I can't wait to see what they plan to do with vomit!
I doubt this will really get off the ground but just the thought of Bill Gates entertaining the idea as plausible scares the crap out of me. I guess you would if you were as big a shit talker as he is. Heck why doesn't keep it and rake in the money? Well for one the lawsuits this thing is going to manufacture when people get sick from it. And are people with brains and not shredded dollars for brains going to welcome it?
But the thought? Gross! Still like Billy Gates? Still think he is all for the human race? Still think he can be trusted being a part of our healthcare through vaccines and god know what else he promotes. He is delusional and seriously needs to be permanently evaluated at some psychiatric facility somewhere, permanently!

Quality time with dad

This poor baby has a dim future by the looks of things. When we think of taking our kids to work with us to show what daddy does for work or have a play date with dad or dad taking his kid with him to run errands I don't think casing a joint to rob would be the first thing that comes to mind. But this is what Corey seems to think is adequate child rearing. It isn't like Corey was actually going to be the intruder after all, just a look out and training our children at five months old is a good starting point. We will need him when he's old enough. He might want to follow his mentors footsteps one day, early training is the key to success.
There are other reasons he may have brought his son to a burglary. Sitters are hard to find after all with everyone working real jobs or no one would suspect he is a look out for a crime while holding a baby and if caught, as he was, they would let him keep walking because they wouldn't want to put a baby in the middle of a struggle, or poor dad must be desperate. The people coming home wasn't thinking any of these things though when they saw him trying to briskly walk off so daddy had to defend himself from this stalker he hoped to rob, indirectly that is, and pulled a knife on the guy with a stern 'stop following me' warning.
The dad of the year was arrested and the baby in training went back to mom. Mom took custody of the baby. Does this mean mom did not have custody of her baby? If this dad had custody of the child, what is the mom like?  Was this a one time desperate move for dad to be so brazen as to take her child as a look out during a crime with a weapon to boot?
The baby who is just beginning his little life has great start don't you think? The mommy either gave the child to daddy because she couldn't be bothered or she was afraid of daddy and let him have the child. It happens. Either way, what a way, to start a life! Imagine the reminiscing when he grows up! 'I was a look out for a burglary when I was only 5 months old' Will his kids ever believe his old tales of childhood, you know how adults exaggerate things?  If mom is as lame about child rearing as dad I suspect the story will come across as a normal event to the next generation of this bloodline.
Though the community hopes the child does better than his parents in life. Good luck little man.

Black out

This is simple, short and weird. If you are going to drink excessively and have a safe way home, or walk, you might think about having a friend go with you, so you don't get a DUI or hit by a car on the side of the road or end up with burglary charge! That's what happened to Nicole Lynn when she went out one night to forget the problems of her week or start her weekend. What ever her reason I bet she never suspected she would land herself in jail that night for burglary. Imagine the surprise if she never stole a thing in her life!
Apparently blacking out can mean many things like waking up with a stranger thinking 'Did I go home with him? Who the heck is this guy next to me?' or waking up in a strange house full of passed out people everywhere thinking 'How did I get here' But this poor girl did more at that moment when she was so close to safety. I think. They don't tell how far from home she was though I suspect somewhere nearby, perhaps only a house or two away.
So close yet so far doesn't cut with cops and the excuse 'I blacked out and don't remember anything' doesn't cut it with cops or homeowners either. But that seems to be what happened since nothing was stolen and she was curled up asleep on the master bed like it was her own. I think she would have received some credibility and leniency if only her drunk blacked out ass hadn't broken a window to get in. Who knows maybe she's broken a few of her own when she locked herself out of her own home in this intoxicated condition. She may have thought the boyfriend or husband had once again locked her out of her own house. Sadly this time is wasn't her own home it was a strangers home.
A serial killers dream failed when a victim willingly breaks into a random abode but not his!
So there a lesson that on the surface you could be jailed if you drink till you black out for a number of crazy reasons, but remember there are really dangerous people that live in seemingly normal houses right next to ours. I think this person is very lucky and there in lies the blessing.
So the warning is if your going to drink and walk, then what do we tell our kids?  'Don't walk alone'