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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Look pretty, not healthy

I'm not talking about the human body. I am talking about the idea that one homeowner who is growing a garden in her front yard, who has the smarts to see nutrition growing as beautiful. Tomatoes, lettuce, green beans are probably the most beautiful plant one can gaze upon. They offer not just a soothing sight to the eyes but a fulfilling basic!
While it is that this homeowner, not renter, can plant daisies, sunflowers and lily's in the front yard she can not grow food. She is sueing them and I think ALL her neighbors should stand behind her and show up in court on the appointed day. This isn't just about her, it's about EVERYONE who may want to grow non GMO foods for themselves.
I would love to hear how many accompany her on during her fight for her and their rights. They say she can grow her food out in her back yard but as she explained 'there is no sun to grow a garden out back' why grow a garden that won't grow. Why flowers and not vegetables? Who makes up these stupid rules anyway?
I say let this ordinance of anti health end up where the sun don't shine!here

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