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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Todays list of someone's neighbors activities

I've heard of getting cold feet before a wedding but never after. I suppose this woman could just be bi-polar who didn't take her medicine that day or she could be a sociopath or even a black widow! It could be she was forced to marry a man who behind closed doors beat her and, well, how do you explain that you hated, feared and married him and make people believe it was in self defense. I know if I had been standing on a cliff with my manly man on our honeymoon I might have pushed him, unlikely knowing the consequences, but I might have! Still she isn't claiming abuse so we can rule that out.
Seems like our friendly female neighbors are getting to be as dangerous as the male neighbors these days. Are woman just tired of being pushed around? Can a person really argue on their honeymoon on the top of a cliff? If you married a psycho (assuming you know the person you marry) why would you stand on the edge of a cliff with them?
At least we learned one honorable thing about her, she took her vows very seriously! Brownie points in heaven when she never gets there. I would have thought this was an accident except she lied then unlied then showed no emotion a real newlywed who lost her hubby during the most romantic vacation one will ever experience. Naa, something is wrong with this neighbor of someones. Luckily she may only be your neighbor and not your wife........or babysitter. Remember you don't want her babysitting, your child may mysteriously fall out a window. here

Here is another woman you don't want babysitting your kids, though you would never ask her because she has to many of her own. One every year is great if you love children but it seems this mommy tried to sell her infant not once, but twice and then decided she wanted her back again. I guess selling, retrieving and possibly would have resold the baby when in financial need is ok, if your looney toons that is. This woman and many more like her could be your neighbor and could even have joined your child's birthday party and you would never even know she was into selling her kids. Imagine hearing about this when you grow up? What a head trip! here

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  1. Wow reading that just blew my mind. What kind of mother is she wanting to sell her child then wanting her child back. I don't care of your financial n debt. You do not sell yet child. Kids are not asked to no brought into this world. Kids coming into this world is a true blessing to some women. This women needs her ass beat and needs one hell of wake call