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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dealing with the cops

If drug addicts knew how much drugs reduce your intelligence and coherence maybe they would stop. Here is a girl who somehow has a cell phone number of a cop who busted her previously and by pure happenstance she calls him. Rule number one: Do not do drugs if you're dealing. Rule number Two: When dealing drugs get rid of all officer of the laws numbers. Rule number three: Find out who is on the other end of the phone that you are calling, be 100% sure you know who your talking to. This woman should have taken a course in this.
So heroin addicted Renea calls a number that turns out to be a cop unbeknownst to her who was ready to make use of this golden opportunity that rang his house, literally, and set the deal up. Then of course she was arrested. The end.
I've heard many similar crazy stories , like the woman who gave money to a drug dealer only to receive no drugs. What does she do? She calls the cops of course. She leads them to the door across the hall to the apartment of her dealer and demands money or the drugs she purchased, that is a cops job after all isn't it? To right the wrong, to rectify the damage caused, to gosh darn it 'GET MY DRUGS'  I often wonder what happened to that crazy lady and if she is still alive today. I suggest the future drug addict, drug dealing scum of the earth take a course before embarking on this enterprise. Educate yourself on the basic rules of drug dealing. I'm sure one lives across the hall from you right now that can mentor your ambitions. Best of luck to all the crazy ladies of the hood.

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