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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sibling Rivalry

With kids like these why would you leave town at all! Once again we have over confident parents who think the kids are adult enough. Having the oldest child babysit the younger siblings is common enough if you work an eight hour shift, but when both parents are on a trucking job out of state I think there are limits to adolescent babysitting!
So the sixteen year old boy can handle his fifteen year old sister? Two things happen when your that close in age, at that age. One is you will either fight like dogs and cats or two you will be the closest besties. After reading this article I think the parents should have had a clue as to which was happening between these kids. Then you have the 11 year old sister who is brainwashing material who probably looks up to her big sister like a mentor and will go along with just about anything, in this case everything. Then there's the toddler tornado who hasn't got a clue about taking sides. Things just happen around the child, in this case death.
The big brother beats up the mouthy sister and having had enough locked her in her room. Maybe he does it all the time, maybe he is a bully or maybe the girl is a nag, aggravating and defiant. Why lock her in her room? Maybe dad told the boy no one leaves the house and the son simply used force to exercise that rule when bratty little sister insists on breaking it. Who is he to tell her what to do, even if dad told him to tell her what to do? She can do what she wants, it isn't like he is her father after all. This tells us how important mom and dad really are while they are leaving the kids to fend for themselves.
So big brother falls asleep, and the sister coaxes the littler sister to let her out. How she managed to get the littler sister to go along with the rest shows how attention starved that eleven year is. Maybe she doesn't like big brother making her go to sleep at the appropriate time or takes over the only TV to play video games leaving her board stiff. If he was gone they could play video games themselves all they want when mom and dad are gone! So they shoot him!
The next question is why would parents leave a gun anywhere in the house with teenagers and kids of all ages, many of them, while they are alone overnight or two?
So the girls strategically wait for big bro to fall asleep on the couch, sneak to where they knew the gun was going to be, then quietly tiptoed into the living room and shot the brother dead where he slept on the couch. Can't get any more premeditated than that!
Then they walk four miles and calls a friend and eventually they were caught. Mean while at the home where the dead brother is a toddler is roaming around and forgotten? Did the girls take the little baby, doesn't say that. If fact, it never mentions there is a toddler until the very end.
So here we are with another great father knows best family, living the American dream and the common selfish lifestyles parents seem to be adopting as a way of life. Me, Me, Me and you kids behave, ok? I guess now they are slapped with the reality that parents really are needed when kids are involved!

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