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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let's Bribe and Brand our kids

The world just seems to be getting crazier and crazier. Here is a weirdo woman with red dyed hair, sorry but I find that irresponsible in itself, who admittedly loves fire. By the comment she made to her young children she must not have been playing with it much lately and decided to light a stick and burn a mark onto her children. That's when she said "I forgot how much I like fire!"
In return for torturing her children they would receive an ice cream. I bet once the first child began screaming bloody murder the rest did not see the ice cream as a suitable reward and began to scatter. That's when mom of the year grabbed them by the hair and hit them into submission no doubt.
She wanted to know they were HER rightful children....and she wouldn't why???
I shudder to think of this woman at bed side when I am ill. She is a nurse of course.
There could be a great lesson for the kids to come from this after all. I bet no stranger will be able to bribe these kids with goodies! Maybe in some warped way this mom just may have saved one of her children from a future abduction! One must try to look at the bright side of these dark insane situations and minds of those around us I always say.

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