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Friday, June 20, 2014

Money and Fame doesn't buy good parenting skills

People ask "why do I always find things/people to criticize, find something positive..."
My answer is "Have you read who I'm writing about or what I am writing about? And, there is little good left going on, or are you not paying attention?" It would take me all day to find an article to write about in this rosey happy world we live in, but I find zillions in the idiot zone. So I look at our mainstream media news. It is just easier. It isn't the 'right' things that need fixing is it? To be honest I am amazed over how ignorant the entire world has become including politicians, celebrities and our everyday neighbors. Writing about them helps me cope while I do everything possible to avoid interacting with anyone outside my own home. It is just to scarey.
A pig is a pig...
First of all you give a pig a million bucks, dress it up in gold and spray it with perfume. Heck give it a face lift too and the pig, how ever wealthy (like honey boo boo) it is, will still be just a pig. Like say.....Brandi Glanville. Frankley CPS should be called in on her ass and her children should be banned from ever seeing her again! But that only happens to poor people for less reasons than what this bitch does.
Her smile seems pretty. Maybe somebody finds her attractive. I would have been tricked into thinking she was a beautiful, talented star until.....she talked so lovingly about her sons, well,  one of them. The one who kisses her ass that is. The younger one who is 7 is apparently a funking asshole, a little fucker she completely expects will be in a rehab one day! Her words not mine. When my 7 year olds acted out my worst word would be "brat" or " A wild one."
Has she forgotten she is raising him. Does she want pity because his behavior (so she says) that brings this hatred towards him reflects solely on her head!
I also noticed how she praises the 11 year old brother because he doesn't do anything wrong (those are usually the worst) and even gives her a kiss when she asks for one. Really? How about you go over to the seven year old and YOU give him a kiss and while your at it a hug and apology! For all the money she has you would think she could afford parent classes. What a scumbag. If the average parent said those things in public the kid would be pulled from the home pronto, why is he still stuck with her? here
Stupid is as stupid does...
Then I read a comment from Brad Pitt and almost shit my pants. Aside from disagreeing with how they (Brad and Angie) tell their daughter it's ok to be boy when you grow up, like it's normal or something  I would think at least the nutritional obligation to children as parents would have been surpassed by these super golden parents. Nope. Brad said when they need to get these 6 kids up in a hurry they tell them to "Hurry up and drink that soda" WHAT? What good, smart, experienced (or not) parent gives any kid soda! oh, no caffeine is enough in this hustle bustle, we have time for our kids life.
Well Brad and Angie let me give you a newsflash, even coffee is better than soda although on some of your kids it will work in reverse and calm them down. So here is your answer from a very experienced mom by natural form...meaning no one had to teach me what is good or bad for a kid, I just knew as a parent. Give the kids vitamin B12. It won't kill them and they will get energy. They are probably lacking it anyway if soda is breakfast. The other means I did learn through life of parenting when school age hit, was to put them to bed early! They will wake up if they get enough sleep. I thought the pitt's were truly above honey boo boo scum.  Very disappointed. But that is OK, because it just keeps reminding me that they are really not all that special, just people who do stupid ass shit like the rest of society.  here

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