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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Amusement parks aren't what the used to be

....thanks to more parents of the year who raised their kids just like them. Where do they come from? There have always been bad parents but it seems there are more and more of these selfish, can do no wrong, overprotective, under attentive parents. Do they ever even consider what jack asses they look like? These ignorant bonding parasites have so little knowledge of right and wrong how could we ever expect them to respect the influence they have on others, including small tots at an amusement park.
My heart sinks more for this incident than others I have read because I grew up there. I went as a child to Canobie Lake Park as do my grandchildren now! The parasites have crept into every small cranny in America, probably the world!
Let us review. Parents take their teens to the park for a day of family fun. The problem is that these fun loving family kids are carrying knifes into the park. Why? Well, we will never know. They were all instructed to 'leave the knifes in the car' (What??? How about HOME????) but instead they all attacked the cops, jumping, hitting and rebelling like your average teenager (and dad's),(these days) do. Subsequently they all got locked up and when mom realized the state of things she faked a seizure of all things. What a laugh that must of been. The embarrassment one must face as a parent doing parental duties trying to protect the parasites she birthed. I just can't believe the father participated as well.
What ever happened to families like 'the waltons' and why do I believe we should still expect to behave like the waltons!

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