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Thursday, June 19, 2014

'Breaking Bad' is just so good

Every so often my adult kids come to me asking "Have you watched the show Breaking Bad yet?"  The answer is always "no, why would I watch a show glorifying a meth dealer" They try to tell me how great it is and how there is a storyline to it and not what I think. Well, as I understand it a teacher goes broke and decides to manufacture meth to get out of debt. Do I have the lay out correct?
My argument is how ever they try to twist this series it's core is about making meth. Drugs and some great guy falling into the drug production and I don't need to hear more than this to know I am not interested. I remember caving in recently and watching the first show in the series "Orange to Black" (or something like that) against my better judgement. Sure enough I thought "oh it isn't bad, there's a story to it" until I reached the scene of a woman doing (guess) to another woman and it was in plain view! This is a TV series? Are you kidding? When did TV turn into Porn? Why is this in my face? I never watched another episode.
So, no thank you on glorifying Meth manufacturing because there is some story line to it. I am not saying there is sex, I am saying "What message does this send out?" 
And here it is, a new Heroine manufacturer calling his new and improved Heroin "Breaking Bad" I wonder where he got that name? So far it has only killed people. I know...I understand...Breaking Bad the series is about Meth, not Heroine. Daaa.
I end this by saying Ignorance is Bliss and you just never know how some idiot will take a series like Breaking Bad, the name of the heroin is all I need to justify my view.  here

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