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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Let us ask again........Dad?

Ok this is truly frightening. We never know who anyone really is, right? We have seen professional nanny's who good parents hire from an agency that abuses children right on camera. People you never think of. So that means we need to really be careful of who we leave our kids with and I do know this much, if some lady was living with the father, he should have had an idea if the child was comfortable around her. Then again how could dad know anything? He was to busy being a criminal to listen to a four year old. I am certain this abuse went on before the daddy went...again and jail.
This is a boy with no luck at all and whose parents should be sterile. Yup, I said it. Some people should just not be parents. This criminal jailbird (several times over) actually won custody from the kids mom? How bad was the mom? How stupid was the judge? Who gives custody to a man who has to have child protective services involved? How stupid was the social worker? "Oh, he is working...again?...and again he is working??......still working???" What a good guy! No need to say "look bitch, tell the asshole if he isn't here tomorrow the kids coming with me!!!!!"" How about that?
Let us say hi to a over shy boy who dares not say a word and take some girlfriends (not the mother remember) word for it he is ok. According to the officials the kid had bruises from head to toe. So, how did the very incompetent social worker not see something unusual on one of those visits?
Notice the only time a child is taken from a home is if the parents home schools them or have a very nice home. Maybe these criminal families are intimidating and the social workers are AFRAID to remove the boy. Imagine how the boy felt.
My heart sinks. Of all the people this child came in contact with on more than one occasion and everyone failed him. Just Sterilize these assholes. I doubt very much dad was any nicer of a man having chosen these woman to care for his son. Hope he enjoys his pity party in jail! here

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