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Friday, June 20, 2014

What is the white house's purpose again?

I don't get it. Obama will be an actor after his presidency I bet. I guess my view of a president giving serious speeches and talking about politics have changed. Now they are dancing on gay shows and laughing on late night talk shows and attending the grammy awards? Or MTV awards? Can't remember. Anything but a serious well mannered respectful leader!
Now the white house. I see it as a place where great things are discussed and decided and the place our leader lives. Oh right, we don't have a leader so why should anything but politics be going on there.
Apparently they decided to hold the annual science fair at the white house. Is it just me or does anyone else see how much deep water our country is in. Do we really have time for this?
My answer is no. If Obama wanted to be on awards shows or a part of TV entertainment then he should have become an entertainer. If he wanted to be a scientist then go to nasa. He is the Leader of a country living in the WHITE HOUSE and chose to be a politician. So be one! That is what the White House is all about, politics.
He seems to do everything but serve our country.
Maybe, if one thinks about it, he can't! He is incompetent.
I, personally, do not recognize having a leader!  here

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  1. I will have to agree with this. He is suppose to be making this country a better place. Not have a damn science fair in the damn white house. Wth is he thinking. He needs to be outta there. He is not making anything better just worse. What a piece of shit he is. That is just my opion.