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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Let's Just Stab Everybody Today!

I am a skeptic. Worse than a skeptic is my continuous conspiracy search. Well, not really always searching, just not trusting. It isn't my fault. I just woke up. Blame the Government or the Fed's or even my father who gave me the 'politically inquisitive gene' to begin with. Truth is there wouldn't be a need to question every major mass crime if the government didn't see us as idiots or blind or...the sheeple most are. Some of us are smarter than they give us credit and they really should stop trying to go to such elaborate schemes to over take us...or what ever their agenda is at the time.

Let's talk about the latest. The Murrysville Stabbing. First you have to remember Sandy Hook and how they ripped our hearts out by staging the deaths of 26 or so elementary kids. All the suckers the Government counts on did their 'shame on you for questioning such a tragedy, they were kids after all' in an attempt to make people like myself not force people like them to think about it. They liked their pitiful blind sorrow. Still truth be told, much came of that incident. Obama wanted to enforce gun laws and using practically babies to get the general public on his side really opened our eyes and some folks that were completely shut. Thank You Obamashithead for letting us know how low you would stoop. 

Then you have to remember the amazing Boston Bombings that were also found to be a big ol fuck you from the system in order to practice their door to door sales pitch of unconstitutional searches. I won't even tell you what I think about the poor guy they framed but I will say I don't think anyone lost a limb for some reason. If they did I am sure it was an accident.

But now it is the Murrysville stabbing that deserves attention because deep down in my gut I say something isn't right, it a bit. Maybe it did happen and the gov't has twisted my head to a degree I can't twist it back to where it once was and I can no longer believe these mass crazy man unimaginable scenes do happen. Let's run through it.

A 16 year old kid wakes up in not the best or sanest of moods and goes to school around 7am like any other day. He must not have had time to say "hi bestie" because once in side (according to the news) he just whooped out two 10 inch kitchen knifes (guess dad didn't keep a gun) and began stabbing people, including according to the news, his own besties. Though they did not name them of course. 

He goes from room to room and down the hall stabbing EVERYONE! He wrestles one kid to the ground and stabs him and even a 200 pound security cop (if only this cop had a gun) gets cut unable to overtake this 90 pound kid? The vice principle can though and with out getting cut. Super incompetent cop at least had handcuffs. I guess everyone has a use of some kind. Then in the midst of this the fire alarm is pulled helping to add to the chaos. They say it's a good thing, if this event happened it is a good thing. If this event did not really happen as everyone thinks then I'd say it was a great strategic move to create chaos and add to their illusion with what could be blood bags and screams "Run, he has a knife!!!!" and you know how people are, they certainly must have seen something and so must everyone else as well. It is so easy to accept hearsay, especially in high school. 

Ultimately the scrawny pimple faced kid is arrested, students are relocated, surveillance is with held, hospitals fill up and reporters report what they are told. It's over they say from the first strike of the knives to the handcuffs all of 5 whole minutes. 22 attacks, two wrestles to the floor, room to room and down the hallway all in 5 whole minutes. Can it be done? 
Question: Where was he hiding these two 10 inch kitchen knives walking toward and into the building? Backpack? Coat? Did anyone see him take them out or did and laughed until he stabbed them. You know how kids are. In what order where the kids stabbed? I want the details. They have a list of names, tell us! How many were near the exit after being stabbed? Did any of the 22 run for the door? or did they huddle in the hall hoping he returned towards them to finish them off. If any ran out then where the blood on the sidewalks, or out front of these exits. I want to know details!

Then the news. I wasn't really suspicious much until I saw a clip of a Dr Chris Kaufmann give a very brief description of the wounds. I bolted upright and thought "Wow Dr Carver from the Sandy Hook incident has a twin brother!" What are the odd that the doctors from Conn to PA, connected by tragedy could look so much alike they could be the same person. Are they the same person? I accelerated into conspiracy overdrive from that moment on, now seeking inconsistencies. 

I then saw a picture of the scene and what I thought was a cop standing near an ambulance turned out to be a cop near an ambulance looking truck. Red and white as they commonly are but with 'Salvation Army' all over it. Was I seeing things? Why would the Salvation Army be at a crime scene? I understand they are available for disasters such as house fires, tornadoes or earthquakes. Maybe local things where blankets, food and shelter are needed. I was not aware they had ambulatory expertise as well. 

I understand that bayflight was necessary except the helicopters I saw in the news video were not bayflight. They were army helicopters. Now maybe they called the national guard but I wondered why they were the only ones I saw. Why not a quick bayflight copter passing by since these were so easily viewed?

Then the kids. The many besties. There were two that stood out. I expected the media talking randomly to many kids since there were so many kids witnessing the event but no, they interviewed less than 10. So out of 200 kids only 6-10 are questioned. I say question everyone! Good reporter will want to talk live to as many as possible even if they didn't get stabbed or only heard screams of impending scratches and possible death. But our reporters are not what they used to be, are they?

Good old Nate Scimio everyone tags as the hero who pulled the fire alarm and certainly saved many lives. I kind of thought "what a punk" Like no teen would take advantage of pulling a fire alarm thinking a good joke would be played. I wonder if he was cut before or after he pulled it. He will say before and that he thought in all this "I should pull the fire alarm to get help" Not that all kinds of adult teachers were already aware of what was happening and apparently did nothing. Kids are resilient after all, they can take care of each other. Not one interview from one teacher or mention of in any news reel I saw. No one finds that odd? So Nate is the hero of the day. I still say he is no more a hero than Bugs Bunny on a good day. After all the trauma, quick thinking and unbeknownst to him if any of his friends were dead Nate takes a selfie of his bandaged up scratch on the arm. I looked up his Facebook page because all teens have Facebook pages, and discovered not a personal page but a group page. So my daughter and I read almost all the messages left for this heroic narcissistic boy and found that none of the comments were local. No parents, teachers or fellow students made a comment. Just out of towners. A lot of sheeple people. What we also wondered about this public page that was put up the day the stabbings took place was how he got some still frame surveillance picture of, what he says, was the incident? The media had no surveillance footage yet. How did he?

Let's go to Brett Hart and Gracey Evans. They are besties you know. Brett saved her life and she tried to save his. Two hero's at once. That makes 4 hero's if you include the vice principal.
Pretty cool. Movies only have one. There is a problem I have with Miss Gracey. This would be her at ease, I love this attention smile on her face. Are all the kids at this school this self centered and narcissistic. What else would you call it. Smiles and selfies galore.
The thought did go through my mind that Actors and Actresses love when the camera is on them. So, if this event happened I suggest Gracey should pursue the acting industry since her smile on camera really does shine. She didn't show a hint of nervousness or humble be that I am! She will probably just settle for nursing since she did such a heroic job of helping her bestie Brett to control the bleeding on his back.

Brett is a hero too. He jumped in front of Gracey to save her life and took a knife right in the back. Not one senior alfa male had the guts to gather together and jump this pimple face knife wheeling brat the size of a 12 year old but Brett will jump directly into the line of fire and take a good slice for the poor deer shocked girl. I'm still baffled over the things we do, or convince others we did, during a chaotic moment. This isn't the real issue I have with Brett though. I watched as he babbled about impending death as he sat and leaned comfortably back in his wheelchair (I assume) only 24 hours after he took a slice deep enough into his back to pierced his lung. Wouldn't it be a wee bit dangerous to be sitting up in front of cameras dressed in his usual attire (shirt looked snug on his body) as if he was discharged already (and he could have I suppose) giving interviews. How good are those meds that he can lean back, with his penetrating cut to his lung, on the chair? I would think it would be a little sore to say the least.

These are very unusual hero's. Hero number four is the vice principle what's his name. The guy that stopped the pimple faced boy. This man must be very humble indeed because he hasn't given one interview that I saw. It is all about the kids after all. Since there isn't much to say about him let's move on to the one who is the cause of this ordeal, Alex Hribal.

Interesting Character Alex and his family is. Described as a family resembling Ozzie and Harriet and The Brady Bunch. Laughing yet? Alex was so loved and close to his brother (I don't know his name or if he is older or younger than Alex) and parents that no one showed up at his arraignment or was able to visit him for at least 48 hours. (I would have fought to see my kid even if it was just a glimpse at the arraignment) I would want to hear from him regarding the WHY aspect of things. But the parents are probably more worried what the community thinks of them now and will soon be planning a move out of town. If it really happened they will have to because of all the death threats that will be forth coming and if it didn't happen they will have to move because....well it's what crises actors do, go home.

The news media shows Alex in a hospital gown. Question: Was he even in a hospital? I saw him leave two exits on two occasions from the same place. The police station. Question: Where was he going out the front and back of the police in a gurney no less? Where are his clothes? No orange murder jumpsuit to walk out and back and out, in and in again the cruiser wearing a gurney to somewhere. Courthouse? Do they go to arraignment in a gurney?

I did look up Alex's facebook page and found it. It was at 4 am the following morning of the stabbings. I realized there wasn't any friends and just teen pics of a bands or games...I don't know stupid shit. What caught my eye was the fact that someone went on and changed his profile picture two hours prior. Why? A picture of some comical cartoon character with a saying. This means either his parents or brother or Alex himself went on and changed one pic while Alex was supposed to be in jail. Why? One reason could be because Alex was never in jail. I could be wrong, I suppose somebody was just finding humor in changing his profile picture. Maybe as surprise joke kind of thing when he gets out. I saw how serious everyone was during the interviews. It's like 'The Stepford Kids' and one malfunctioned. The following day his facebook page was gone altogether.

I did find the pretty miss Mia Mitzner's facebook page. Just a pretty girl who witness someone get stabbed. One common denominator between all these kids was a total and complete lack of tears. No tears while describing blood, freinds, violence....none, really?  A shiver or shake? Something human? Nothing. Well I studied what I could see on Mia's facebook (since I'm not her friend and don't want to be) and thought what a popular and pretty girl. She had lots of friends and some pictures. Many I was unable to see but those I could had some teen besties, probably mom, some in the parking lot of a church, others on a sandy beach. Then I had to do that obsessive conspiracy thing, I thought of Sandy Hook. Her picture I was able to view all looked like a vacation. Fun in the sun with friends. Maybe PA and maybe not. Vacations are usually away from home. All were summer or at least warm weather and bathing suits. Maybe they travelled this winter because it's still cold here in the state she and I share. It was the only explanation I could find as to why she wouldn't have any winter pictures up. Then I saw the last date of use was some time ago. I don't know why it just stops, most teens are pretty up to date.

I thought for a moment maybe this event really did happen and society is so worse off than I thought. Then I remembered all the fake facebook families from Sandy Hook. It was well presented until we realized they were actors and the kids did not die. They just wanted the gun law passed. I can't say this event at Murrysville never happened with certainty I can only say I did question it and have many unanswered questions. Questions I fear we may never get answered.

There would have to be a benefit to this. Sandy Hook was Guns, Boston Bombing was martial law, but what would this be? Tighter security. One touch lock down button in every school or was it less complex?

~There are many reasons to stage a drill/false flag in the schools. One is desensitizing the kids to be separated and transported without question by officials, and for the parents being separated from their kids without question and with complete trust that the officials will bring the kids to safety. More and more security, more distrust of one another. Makes it easier to rat friends out regardless of how they act or appear (have no trust in one another over the law) and the 'It could be anybody you know' concept. Training the young to obey.~

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