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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Quality time with dad

This poor baby has a dim future by the looks of things. When we think of taking our kids to work with us to show what daddy does for work or have a play date with dad or dad taking his kid with him to run errands I don't think casing a joint to rob would be the first thing that comes to mind. But this is what Corey seems to think is adequate child rearing. It isn't like Corey was actually going to be the intruder after all, just a look out and training our children at five months old is a good starting point. We will need him when he's old enough. He might want to follow his mentors footsteps one day, early training is the key to success.
There are other reasons he may have brought his son to a burglary. Sitters are hard to find after all with everyone working real jobs or no one would suspect he is a look out for a crime while holding a baby and if caught, as he was, they would let him keep walking because they wouldn't want to put a baby in the middle of a struggle, or poor dad must be desperate. The people coming home wasn't thinking any of these things though when they saw him trying to briskly walk off so daddy had to defend himself from this stalker he hoped to rob, indirectly that is, and pulled a knife on the guy with a stern 'stop following me' warning.
The dad of the year was arrested and the baby in training went back to mom. Mom took custody of the baby. Does this mean mom did not have custody of her baby? If this dad had custody of the child, what is the mom like?  Was this a one time desperate move for dad to be so brazen as to take her child as a look out during a crime with a weapon to boot?
The baby who is just beginning his little life has great start don't you think? The mommy either gave the child to daddy because she couldn't be bothered or she was afraid of daddy and let him have the child. It happens. Either way, what a way, to start a life! Imagine the reminiscing when he grows up! 'I was a look out for a burglary when I was only 5 months old' Will his kids ever believe his old tales of childhood, you know how adults exaggerate things?  If mom is as lame about child rearing as dad I suspect the story will come across as a normal event to the next generation of this bloodline.
Though the community hopes the child does better than his parents in life. Good luck little man.

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