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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shhh, don't mention the kids

We know some disturbed parents steal, steal with the kids present and even use the kids to steal, not out of reach for this unusual couple who shoplifted but at least had the decency to leave the kids with a semi-adult in the car while they did the illegal deed. The laughable part of this story is what the boyfriend and girlfriend shoplifted. They attempted to steal $600.00 worth of auto supplies. Really? How exactly do we do that? Where do we put all this stuff? Just walk out of wal-mart with a big basket full of goods? I'm confused.
Predictably, and not so laughable, they were caught, arrested and hauled away while the semi adult sitting with the kids in the car just walked away leaving three innocent children waiting, and waiting, and waiting. If that isn't bad enough the detained couple never mentioned they had kids in the parking lot waiting, and waiting and waiting.
These kids waited seven hours before a customer spotted the kids crying in the car. That was at 2 AM. How cruel can a parent be! How cruel could that stupid semi adult be? It is obvious the couple assumed the semi adult, a nineteen year old cousin, would take of the kids if anything happened, so why mention the kids and look worse than they already do. They didn't take much time planning the consequences if something went wrong. I guess a lot of people get away with stealing that much auto crap and get away with it, why should anything go wrong? People do this sort of thing all the time, right?
So the mother is arrested for grand theft with the boyfriend and then again for neglect charges. So what does she tell the courts "but your honor I have three kids and I'm pregnant" What does the judge do? Release them of course.
Does anyone see what's wrong with this picture?
Was it the three kids she left in the car for seven hours while she robbed a store or the pregnancy that won the judges heart over? I'm so confused. Is there such a thing as consequences anymore? I'm sure the kids will be back to their safe, protected, stable, honest upbringing soon enough.  Here

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