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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Free Range Kids?

A mile is a long way for a 10 and 6 year old. These parents need a visit from from John Walsh whose child only went to look at a toy in the store with adults everywhere including his mother who was nearby. I guess if we label their missing child as free range child, abductors would know to stay away from him. What is a free range child anyway? A new age term for lazy parenting?
These kids were permitted (more than a few times I am sure) to walk together one mile to play unattended at the park and walk one mile back home again. They are Free Range kids the mother says. Like cattle.
The mother also says 'The world is actually a safer place than when I was a child...' Really mom? What bubble do you live in? She sounds free ranged deranged if you ask me. I guess she doesn't read the news much or if we don't see it, it doesn't happen may be her motto. It is cool to think with such ignorance and blindness if your not thinking for the kids. So the cops brought the kids home and explained the real reality of living on Earth during the end times but since they feel it is just a form of harassment and controlled child rearing the officer obviously felt they were just stupid and this kind of stupidity could cost the kids their lives so CPS is now involved. I am not a fan of CPS but a class in 'abduction: How to avoid the rising problem" may be a good class for these lazy ass parents who didn't want to take the kids to the park. But why should they? It's safer today than it was twenty or thirty years ago, right?
Strange the cute words we invent to replace those naughty ones, like free range kids in place of neglected. Independent thinker verses spoiled brat, or free thinkers vs bully. Well I just making shit up as I go but then so are these parents.
Good luck kiddies with your parents teaching you to trust the world everyone else can clearly see has gone bat shit crazy! I hope you make it through life with out anyone imposing that nearly non existent violent strange behavior of the general populace. Remember what mom and dad told you "there are no missing little kids, no mad neighbors on crack or big pharma exposing themselves in parks and no pedophiles watching you from across the street. Those people live somewhere else, those people are few and far between."
Parenting is such a demanding job, you know, doing things like bringing your kids to the park an all. HERE

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