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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Black out

This is simple, short and weird. If you are going to drink excessively and have a safe way home, or walk, you might think about having a friend go with you, so you don't get a DUI or hit by a car on the side of the road or end up with burglary charge! That's what happened to Nicole Lynn when she went out one night to forget the problems of her week or start her weekend. What ever her reason I bet she never suspected she would land herself in jail that night for burglary. Imagine the surprise if she never stole a thing in her life!
Apparently blacking out can mean many things like waking up with a stranger thinking 'Did I go home with him? Who the heck is this guy next to me?' or waking up in a strange house full of passed out people everywhere thinking 'How did I get here' But this poor girl did more at that moment when she was so close to safety. I think. They don't tell how far from home she was though I suspect somewhere nearby, perhaps only a house or two away.
So close yet so far doesn't cut with cops and the excuse 'I blacked out and don't remember anything' doesn't cut it with cops or homeowners either. But that seems to be what happened since nothing was stolen and she was curled up asleep on the master bed like it was her own. I think she would have received some credibility and leniency if only her drunk blacked out ass hadn't broken a window to get in. Who knows maybe she's broken a few of her own when she locked herself out of her own home in this intoxicated condition. She may have thought the boyfriend or husband had once again locked her out of her own house. Sadly this time is wasn't her own home it was a strangers home.
A serial killers dream failed when a victim willingly breaks into a random abode but not his!
So there a lesson that on the surface you could be jailed if you drink till you black out for a number of crazy reasons, but remember there are really dangerous people that live in seemingly normal houses right next to ours. I think this person is very lucky and there in lies the blessing.
So the warning is if your going to drink and walk, then what do we tell our kids?  'Don't walk alone'

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