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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Poo Poo Drinking sludge

According to Bill Gates you can drink poop. Ya, you heard it right poop from your bum! Soon bum poo water will be coming out of your faucet and into your baby's formula, your child's kool-aid and your coffie. I wonder how long before I can no longer trust the bottled water. I thought chancing drinking out of a plastic bottle was enough but now.....!!!!!!
Bill Gates is promoting a machine that two sick minded engineers invented that takes gross smelling smooshy or logged poop and through a process becomes sparkling clean healthy water. Bill Gates even pretends to drink this shit water! ewwww! I knew Bill Gates was gross but never expected to see him do that (even if it was real non poopy water made special for the elite hogs).
The kicker is how they go into how much money the enterprise that owns this death machine will make, lots of cash. Like money from outputs, electricity, water and ash. Ash? Sounds yummy. Money, money, money. I can't wait to see what they plan to do with vomit!
I doubt this will really get off the ground but just the thought of Bill Gates entertaining the idea as plausible scares the crap out of me. I guess you would if you were as big a shit talker as he is. Heck why doesn't keep it and rake in the money? Well for one the lawsuits this thing is going to manufacture when people get sick from it. And are people with brains and not shredded dollars for brains going to welcome it?
But the thought? Gross! Still like Billy Gates? Still think he is all for the human race? Still think he can be trusted being a part of our healthcare through vaccines and god know what else he promotes. He is delusional and seriously needs to be permanently evaluated at some psychiatric facility somewhere, permanently!

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